Saturday, October 25, 2014

QOTD and the Instagram Friday 4

You probably know from my PLAYING ON MY POD series (, that I love downloading new music. I just got a few tracks from Lauren Daigle. New fave!

I also love a good IG feed. This week I chose 4 monochromatic pics from 4 great accounts. To check out these guys, approved by me, click here:

Have you entered the ROSS giveaway yet? You have until Monday! Click here to get in your entry:

Here's some bunting to help you celebrate the weekend. :) you can purchase it at Party Wonderland Kauai, in Lihue. 

On my way to work. A hui hou! 

Aloha, Rebecca
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kauai's 1st ROSS Dress For Less & a Gift Card GIVEAWAY!!

Kauai. The Garden Island. Topics of conversations tend to center around hurricanes, GMO's, gas prices, and now, Ross! That's right. It's not every day this island gets a new place to shop. It's such a big deal, that the grand opening crowds made the front page.

I had to wait a few days after the Grand Opening on October 10, 
before venturing into the Ross abyss, and waiting had it's pro's and con's. 

Pro: Checking out was a breeze on day 3. I had friends who couldn't get in the door on day 1 and others who couldn't make it through the check out line on day 2.
Con: Kauaians had bought out the store!
I knew people were excited about Ross's arrival,
but I didn't know they were going to clear out all the inventory! Slim pickin's by day 3.  
 I still found some great stuff. 
Here are some of the products I'm most excited about:

Love me some cute organization boxes, hip new shoes and trendy seating. 
I begged my husband to let me take one of those grey and white chevron ottoman's home, 
but he resisted. 

Here's what we actually came home with:
2 bright organization bins, bicycle craft paper and placemats
My husband got soccer socks and a soccer bag
Ross Dress for Less was kind enough to sponsor this post (and my purchase) by providing me with a gift card to shop the new Kauai store. Isn't that awesome?! Even though they sponsored this post, the opinions are all mine. And I will say, I love Ross, whether it be on Kauai, Maui, Oahu or California. (That about covers all the places I've shopped at Ross.) Enough about me, let's talk about you! Ross wants to give one special Ivy & Co. reader a $25 gift card! Are you interested? Of course you are. Follow the Rafflecopter directions below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ross Dress for Less
Kukui Grove Center
3-2600 Kaumualii Hwy Suite J
Lihue, HI 96766

Store hours:
Sunday—Thursday 8:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m.
Friday—Saturday 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Aloha, Rebecca
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Monday, October 20, 2014

How was your day?

Here's a taste of my weekend (which ends on a Monday): 

-My flight home was diverted to Honolulu due to mechanical issues and Hazmat escorted us off the plane. Got home 2 hours later, in the nick of time, because...

-Hurricane Ana missed us by a few miles

-My friend Ajja flew in to hang out for the hurricane weekend so we played tourist today, now that we are Hurricane free!

Cruised the Hanapepe Bridge

Went to glass beach

Drove out to Salt Pond

Caffeinated ourselves at Kauai Coffee Co

Stocked up on gear from Aloha Exchange

I love Mondays! was your Monday?

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Playing On My Pod #7 - the Hurricane Ana edition

If you're sitting around like me, waiting for Hurricane Ana to pass, I've got the best playlist for you. Download them now, before the internet goes out!

1. Collide (Cahill Remix) by Leona Lewis & Avicii
2. The Days by Avicii
3. Dearly Departed by Shakey Graves feat. Esme
4. Break The Cycle by You + Me
5. Close Your Eyes by Meghan Trainor

While you're at it, you may want to catch up on the #Friday4 on Instagram. Great accounts to follow. 

Lastly, if you live on Kauai and have furniture you'd like to buy or sell, join my Facebook group Kauai Furniture For Sale

Be safe out there! 
Aloha, Rebecca

PS- don't watch They came together with Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd. Soooo lame. 
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LOCAL SPOT: Maui Children's Bookstore - now carrying Ivy & Co.!

Maui Children's Bookstore Wailuku Kids Books Ivy and Company Where to Shop Amanda Robson & Rebecca Owen
Maui Children's Bookstore owner Amanda and I. 
There is great satisfaction when you meet someone who's vision aligns with yours. Today I had a meeting with Amanda, owner of Maui Children's Bookstore (MCB). Immediately I could tell that Amanda has the gift of friendliness and encouragement, and is a true artist, which is evident in her translation of her shop space, inventory selection, and fashion sense. (She hung my bunting way better than I did).  It was unbelievably gratifying to be in the space and talk with her! Here are a few reasons why:

Maui Children's Bookstore Wailuku Kids Books Ivy and Company Where to Shop

1. She owns a bookstore! 
Those are rare these days, and I know that's why the masses are rallying around Amanda and her shop. Literacy is so important to development, and it's essential that kids never lose the chance to turn the pages of their favorite books. She shares a storefront with the well-established Maui Thing, and it's been so neat to see that partnership develop. MCB carries a handpicked selection of new books including children’s literary classics and contemporary stories for babies to tweens. I noticed some great renditions of Alice in Wonderland and Pride & Prejudice!

"We aim to spark wonder and deep appreciation for the beauty of books, story and language."

Maui Children's Bookstore Wailuku Kids Books Ivy and Company Where to Shop
Photo courtesy of Maui Children's Bookstore.
Maui Children's Bookstore Wailuku Kids Books Ivy and Company Where to Shop
Ivy & Koa checking out all the fun toys. 

2. She is family-oriented, which I've noticed is central to the mission with MCB. After all, this is a CHILDREN'S bookstore. Check out her latest blog post to see all members of her family working to get MCB up and running. Prior to securing the location within Maui Thing, Amanda facilitated pop-up shops around the island, with an emphasis on story time and healthy snacks for the whole family. Her husband and son seem to always be helping out and actively participating in MCB's activities. They both popped in during our meeting. Later on Ivy showed up, so Amanda got to meet part of my family too. 

Maui Children's Bookstore Wailuku Kids Books Ivy and Company Where to Shop
Aside from books, MCB carries children's clothing, baby products, eco-friendly educational toys, and art work.

Maui Children's Bookstore Wailuku Kids Books Ivy and Company Where to Shop

3. She likes Ivy & Co.! 
She gave me one of the biggest compliments I've received in a long time: she loves my fabric choices and the way I put them together. You see, I've always been a performing artist. Since Ivy & Co. (sewing & furniture restoration) came about in 2011, it's been interesting to watch my creativity morph into something new. It's a little bit of an insecurity to put myself out there in this way (I'd be more comfortable dancing onstage in a flashy costume!), but now this aspect of artistry is being validated by these shop owners who are carrying Ivy & Co. 

Maui Children's Bookstore Wailuku Kids Books Ivy and Company Where to Shop Amanda Robson & Rebecca Owen

If you can't tell, I'm elated about this working relationship with Maui Children's Bookstore
If you're on Maui, pop on by: 

Maui Children's Bookstore
7 N. Market St. 
Wailuku, HI 96793
(Shared space with Maui Thing)

"Through books, through play, through sweet classes and tea.  I want you to know that we're going to do our best to create an environment that begs to be filled with heart-synched moments like these."
-Amanda, from the blog post "At the heart of it all"

Maui Children's Bookstore Wailuku Kids Books Ivy and Company Where to Shop
Don't forget to draw something on the chalkboard while you're there!

Aloha, Rebecca

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Quotes from "When To Speak Up (and When Not To)" - Part 2 of 3

"When To Speak Up (and When Not To)"
Godly Principles for Conversations You Won't Regret
By Dr. Michael D. Sedler

Welcome back! If you missed Part 1, click here to get caught up. Just a reminder-- these are merely quotes from a great book I've been reading and are not meant to be taken out of context. If you wish to grasp the full idea behind Dr. Sedler's book, please read the book in it's entirety. 

Chapter 4: Communication Breakdown

"A disgruntled employee, fellow worker, carpooler - whoever - finds something to complain about. There might be legitimacy in the complaints and a need to evaluate certain areas, but when communication takes a destructive approach, little positive change will occur." p. 46

"Do you take the time to listen to opposing ideas and suggestions? Or do you have tunnel vision? Are you approachable? Do your kids know they can approach you with contrary ideas? Do your children know and when to communicate with you?" p. 47, 48, 50

"It is possible to disagree with people and still be positive, respectful and supportive. The way in which you approach others is critical to the success of the conversation." p. 50

quotes when to speak up michael seder book review Christian self help

"When you share your concerns, be sure to emphasize that you are giving your impressions and your ideas. Do not implicate others or suggest that "everyone" sees it your way. That will put the individual, particularly a boss or supervisor, on the defensive." p. 51

"We were given two ears for a reason. Communication breakdowns discourage people from sharing their thoughts and ideas, and create opportunities for offense, bitterness and misunderstanding." p. 54

Chapter 5: A Question of Authority

"Questioning is a confrontational form of conversation that is filled with suspicion, lack of trust and accusations and puts people on the defense." p. 58

NOTE: Not all questions are necessarily a form of "questioning."

"Are you ready for the answer we are going to give, even if it is not what you want to hear?" p. 59

quotes when to speak up michael seder book review Christian self help
This question works on kids too! 

"We appear to ask a question, but we are really complaining." p. 60

"Questioning that challenges may have its roots in accusation, arrogance or ulterior motives." p. 61 

"My tendency was to want things done my way, even if I was not in charge- to challenge authority, to question the way things were done instead of learning about the process and trying to understand someone else's reasoning." p. 62

"Do we desire to have an understanding of their thought processes and decision-making or us it more important to point out flaws we perceive in their final analysis?" p. 62

"An accusing spirit can precede our voices... We do not even need to say anything to project an accusatory attitude." p. 64

"An accusing spirit seeks to destroy.... Allowing this type of attitude to infiltrate our spirits will pollute us… Asking questions is healthy and opens up communication. It is a "questioning attitude" that creates the problem." p. 65, 67

"Be careful when offense begins to brew within your heart." p. 66

"Be careful not to fall into the trap of becoming defensive. We may start with a question, become defensive, and finish by attacking the person. This happens all too often between husbands and wives, parents and children, and among friends." p. 70

Chapter 6: The Code of Silence

"The most important thought to enter my mind is my individual responsibility to God." -Daniel Webster p. 73

"Many spiritual deaths have occurred due to dishonesty." p. 77

"Is there a way to break out of the trap of rationalizing and justifying our actions? When we allow anger, bitterness and resentment to constrict our emotions and thoughts, self-protection kicks into action. People who seek justification for their behavior are often attempting to rationalize or excuse their own anger and the consequences of their imprudent action." p. 78, 79

"Lose the need to be in control... Too often we feel the urge to "help" others change their lives, their attitudes and their actions." p. 79

"It is okay if mistakes are made and errors take place. The key is having the grace and willingness to forgive others... We must step back and accept responsibility for our own involvement while releasing a prayer of forgiveness over the others involved." p. 79

quotes when to speak up michael seder book review Christian self help

"Do not take the blame for life's problems, and avoid placing the blame on other. Be honest about your patterns and difficulties." p. 79, 80

"Communicate your feelings and concerns in a way that can be received by the other person." p. 80

quotes when to speak up michael seder book review Christian self help
This has been huge in the success of our marriage. I used to cry every time I had to talk to my husband about something serious. It was not at all effective and made my husband feel terrible, as if he was making me cry. Once I got a handle on my tendency to shed tears, or was able to explain to him that I was not crying because of him, communication was so much better. 

"Each one of us has found ourselves in a place where we need to decide either to succumb to the pressure of the majority of to vocalize a different perspective." p. 84

"Use the buddy system. It is easier to say no and avoid pressure when someone else supports you… We all need people who will stand up for us and support our individuality, but not stand by and let us make poor choices." p. 85, 87

Don't isolate yourself! Your mind plays tricks on you, making you believe you're alone. If you talk to others about what you're thinking, you'll gain perspective and camaraderie.

"Tell me what company you keep, and I'll tell you who you are." 

--Miguel de Cervantes

quotes when to speak up michael seder book review Christian self help

Good stuff! Stay tuned for Part 3! 

Aloha, Rebecca
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