Friday, September 13, 2013

Vintage Vanity - Before & After

 I saw this vintage vanity on CL, and I had to have it. Here's Ivy and I picking it up in my SUV. It BARELY fit. But we had fun, as always! 

Everyone began to squirm when I said I was going to paint it. 

The lines were great, the wood was gorgeous, but what everyone couldn't see was the terrible veneer coming off in pieces. But the whole piece wasn't veneer. The legs and such were solid wood.

 So my plan of attack was this: 
1. Patch veneer with wood filler
2. Paint veneer
3. Miss Mustard Seed antique wax the whole piece
4. Miss Mustard See furniture wax the whole piece

The drawers got painted. The center drawer was missing a knob, and I didn't want to go all "trendy knobby" on this piece, so I patched up the 2 holes and just drilled a hole in the center so I could use the original knob. (see below)

 The mirror got a coat.

Here is the start of the antique wax transformation:

I wanted to leave a little bit of wood on the "mirror holder" up top, to tie in the wood on the bottom:

This piece just has great curves & crevices!
Lastly, I used shellac to add lace in the drawers. I tried to get away with just modge podge, but it wasn't cutting it. It took a couple coats of liquid and spray-on shellac.

The original wooden wheels are awesome! 

Of course, now I don't want to sell it, which was my original intention. 

It's funny, I normally don't love the look of all these vintage curves when I see them elsewhere, but I always like painting a piece with curves. 



  1. Love this, right down to the inside drawers-good job!

  2. Holy cow its gorgeous! You did a fabulous job! thanks so much for linking up to ITS PARTY TIME!

  3. Well done the end result is wonderful!!!
    Love from Sunny South Africa

  4. Great job! It came out great! Visiting from the link party at "it's so very Cheri".

    Char @


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