Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photo Booth Backdrop

My good friend Ajja is an awesome photographer (and dancer and friend and... I could go on and on... we've actually traveled Europe together multiple times... we once shared a full size air mattress in a former socialist apartment building for 6 weeks straight) ...BACK TO MY POST ABOUT A PHOTO BOOTH.

...she's been working hard on her branding and website as she takes the next step in her career. Just before Christmas she called me and told me she was throwing a launch party for her website's debut. She wanted me to make the backdrop for the photo booth. Me? A backdrop? Like a set? Normally I work on what MOVES on the stage, not what stands still. Back to reality, this was a photo booth, not a production... After she gave me her inspiration, I set to work....

First I chose a ton of ribbon in her brand colors, in a lot of different textures.

 I am in love with this oversize rick-rack in the center... It's from Sew Special :)

I took down the curtains from Ivy's room, since they were the perfect neutral. Ajja gave me bamboo from her back yard, which the backdrop was going to hang from. (Yes, in Hawaii we often have bamboo laying in our back yard.)

 I sewed lace in between two panels of curtains so that it would be the right length.  

Then I sewed the ribbon over the back of the curtain by hand

This thing was huge in my house... 8' tall x 10' wide!! 
Our home is only about 600 sq ft to begin with, haha!

Oh and the last detail-- 
we hung this pallet which my husband custom made for this project:

And here is the final product in its home at the party:

Ajja & Ivy

Kit & I

My crazy parents

Kit & my dad

 My dancer friends & Ivy & I
(Katira- in burnt orange, and Katie- in blue, made the props!)

I guess I can mark "Creating a Photo Booth Backdrop" off my bucketlist now! 
So fun!
Thanks Ajja. :)
Now go check out Ajja's brand new website:
and hire her for your next wedding, portrait session, celebration...
she's usually game for just about anything! 




  1. So cool!! Great pictures - everybody is having so much fun. xo Ashlyn

  2. Very creative! Thank you for sharing this at simply creations link party!

  3. I love love LOVE this photo backdrop, I have to remember this for the future.


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