Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cinderella Princess Party - Ivy is 3!

Ivy turned 3 earlier this month! I'm not the type to say, "Oh, my baby is getting so big! :(" I think each stage gets better and better and we have more and more fun together. 
Being the decisive child that she is, she began telling everyone that she was having a Cinderella party. Taking that as my cue, I started a Pinterest board for a Cinderella party and got to work. 

Her Actual Birthday:
Her birthday fell on the Friday of Fall Break, so she was enrolled in Princess Camp at my work. (At Princess Camp, they get to wear princess dresses and learn ballet and make crafts and read about Princesses). So on her actual birthday she woke up and opened a present-- a Cinderella Princess dress and Crown, and then got to wear it for the day at Camp!. I made her hair all pretty, like Cinderella's.

Two days later we had her party.
We've had all her birthday parties in my parents yard next door to our house:

Age 1- Ladybug Garden party
Age 2- Elmo Sesame Street party
Age 3- Cinderella Princess Party
Originally she was going to wear the Cinderella dress for her party, but about an hour before the party, my friend Katie came over to give her a present: a Rapunzel Dress and long braided hair/crown. She immediately put it on, and I didn't even try to tell her to put on the Cinderella dress because, quite frankly, she'd been wearing it for 2 days straight (it was a little dirty), and this Rapunzel hair with the long braid was just too adorable. 

Decor & Ambience:
 I basically set up a 12'x12' white tent I got at Walmart for $125, and set up a bunch of our furniture onto my parent's lawn. I read a post from Sawdust & Embryo's about how she hosted a baby shower, but her living room was in the middle of a renovation, so she just brought her living room furniture out onto the lawn and it turned out great! Click here to read their post.

I bought a few yards of blue tulle and brought some bunting and garland's that normally hang in Ivy's room. I strung them around the inside of the tent. Blew up silver and white balloons, bought some candy corns (the green ones are candy apple), pumpkins, and a Fall flower bouquet from Safeway. I downloaded Disney's Cinderella soundtrack and had it playing throughout the party.


raspberries stuffed with chocolate chips and chocolate covered acai/blueberries!

The party guests were encouraged to wear Princess attire. They arrived bearing gifts, and Ivy decided (on the spot) that she would open each one as the princess gave it to her. 

I bought a Cinderella Party Pack from Walmart which had all these Cinderella stickers, mazes, wands, keychains, rings and plastic Cinderella bags. Rather then put the fun stuff in the bags, I just put it out at the party for the kids to color and play with. Later we used the bags for the piñata!
I also found a 12-pack of crowns at Salvation Army last month for $2. I picked up some foam stickers and some princess stickers so that the Princesses could make a crown. 

 I asked my friend from church, Jessica, to come do face painting. This is top-of-the-line face painting... If you live in the area and want to book her, let me know!

I made up two games. You read that correctly. I made them up. That's just how I roll.

#1- Sweep the Pumpkin into the Bucket 
(this is Cinderella "pre-ball" and fancy dress)

#2 - Where did Cinderella lose her glass slipper?!
(this is Cinderella "post-ball")
I had all the princesses close their eyes (hiding behind the fountain under the watchful eye of my mom... mom, you weren't supposed to close your eyes! You were supposed to make sure the kids closed their's!) Then we hid the shoe. On this particular round, she apparently lost in the roof of the tent. How is that even possible, you ask? Um... that's not the point.

Last activity of the day: Piñata! I wasn't going to get one, but I called Kit and he told me we should... just cause its fun. The Disney Princess piñata was $21 at Walmart. The generic Princess castle (which I purchased) was $9. Score! 

Cupcakes and Cake:
Ivy and I have been eyeing this cake at Safeway for a few months. They have all the princesses and they're only $8.99! When I turned 5, I had a cake like this, but it was a random girl, not Cinderella.

I had my mom make funfetti cupcakes with food coloring blue frosting. 

And that was Ivy's Cinderella Party. Fun fun fun. 


  1. Awww, what a sweet birthday party. I am a big fan of the where did Cinderella lose her shoe game! You did a great job. I also love how you went with the flow and let her wear the tangled dress, I love that great kind of mama-ness. :)

    1. Flexibility is key! Isn't that such a hilarious game? haha. i love making kids do crazy things.

  2. I had to share this post on my Facebook page and twitter I loved it so much.

    1. Aw, thank you for getting this post out to the masses!

  3. My daughter would have loved this - what a great idea to have the guests dress up too! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday at Sew Can Do:)

  4. What a wonderful party! I love where the shoe ended up. Maybe she got hit by a tornado? Thanks for sharing on Tout It Tuesday! Hope to see you next week.

    1. haha, the shoe ended up there after quite a few rounds, haha.

  5. The food was very good as party food goes--much better than typical hotel reception hall food. But I felt that beer selection at the bar was weak though.

  6. Cinderella Princess Party!! It seems really fabulous. The party décor is amazing and I can’t forget to praise that colorful food too, it is looking super tempting to me. At the garden event space Chicago I will throw a DIY family summer party so will surely steal some of these food ideas for my bash.


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