Monday, October 15, 2012

Cailin's Fall non-mantel, a.k.a. "Fantel"

Cailin got in on the Mantel spirit and sent me these pics of her non-Mantel. 

'C' is for Cailin!

I just spotted Violet Imperfection's post from last week, where she calls her fake Mantle a "Fantle!" Haha, I love it. (See her post here.)

Cailin painted the tops of these pumpkins with Modge Podge, then sprinkled some Martha Stewart glitter on top. The owls were a gift from our friend. Cailin LOVES owls.
See Jed peeking in the back? :) Cutie.

"J" is for Jed!

What does your Fantle look like?


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  1. So is it Mantel or Mantle. I am still confused, LOL. Thanks for mentioning my post!


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