Saturday, October 13, 2012

Featured at Alderberry Hill & I won another giveaway!

Last week I went to my mailbox, and there was a small package inside. I didn't recognize the return address, except for the fact that it was from this little town in Utah that my sis-in-law used to live in, years ago. I opened the package and inside was the coolest little drawstring bag with a handmade bohemian-style pillowcase inside! No note, nothing. The word "Gypsya" was printed on the drawstring bag. I was so confused. It looked like something I had seen on Etsy and I was wondering if during one of my midnight Etsy Browsing sessions I had possibly ordered this? That didn't sound like something I would do. 
I went to the computer and googled the mysterious "Gypsya." I found an Etsy shop, with this quilt I remember pinning on pinterest, but that did not tell me how the pillowcase ended up in my mailbox. 
BTW- Here's the quilt I love:

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

So I googled "Gypsya giveaway." Sure enough the blog "A Beautiful Life" popped up, which I frequent, and there was my name on the post! I had entered a giveaway and won! I never saw the post, but they had asked for everyone's address when they entered the giveaway, so surprise! It ended up in my mailbox. Thank you to Sarah at A Beautiful Life and to Rose of Gypsya! Here's a close up of the pillow case I received: 

I also was just notified that my Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread is being featured again! This time, by Sarah over at Alderberry Hill. Thanks Sarah!
What a great week!

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  1. How exciting! That pillow case is super cute!


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