Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Fall Non-Mantel... Is that even how it's spelled?

I don't have a fireplace, let alone a mantel. I don't even know if I'm spelling mantel correctly.

No clue. Google's not helping either.

But it is Fall and we did have a Cinderella party this weekend with pumpkin decor and Fall colored flowers.

Thus, now that the festivities are pau (finished), these items would look great on my mantel. Only I don't have one. So here I've arranged them on my non-mantel, a.k.a. The Dining Table.

So enjoy my Festive Fall Non-Mantel Decor, inspired by mainland mantels all over blog land. After all, we are in Hawaii. We might as well call it my Non-Fall Non-Mantel Decor.

Vase - Ikea
Pumpkins - Safeway ($.69 each)
Placemat - Urban Outfitters
Flowers - Safeway (they dye the water!)

Aloha, Rebecca