Tuesday, January 31, 2012

No-Sew Fabric Covered Tins

I bought these tins for Ivy's first birthday in October 2010 (It was a ladybug theme). We put flowers in them and tied helium balloons to them. Totally fun. 

Well, I re-used them for her 2nd birthday in October 2011 (Elmo theme), and I put these little sesame street 3-D stickers on them, and after the party the stickers wouldn't come off! These adorable tins were starting to get ugly...

See the little Abby/Zoe (whoever it is) on the one on the right? She's still there...

I really wanted to give the tins a second chance. Remember my go-to color "Shiloh"? Well, since it's everywhere in my house anyway, I painted the insides of these tins, and the handles in that color. 

I usually stray away from the term "no-sew." I sew. So why would I want a project where I was trying to fake sewing? Well, for this one, I just felt like sewing was unnecessary for this project. 

I cut out strips of fabric that fit the circumference of the top of the tin.

The second fabric is awesome... It's from Sew Special, my go-to fabric store on Maui. My high school science teacher owns the store and her daughter picks out the BEST fabric. The first fabric (brown foliage) is from Fabric-Mart or something and was dirt cheap. I just thought it was a subtle, non-cheesy neutral. 

 Then I put little cuts on the bottom edge of it, so those cut be wrapped easily on the bottoms.

 Glue gun: on.
Need to find some modge-podge or whatever it's called, but can't seem to find it on this island yet...

After gluing the top of the fabric around the top of the tins, I wrapped the "slitted" edge around the bottom. But it still had an unfinished look. 

So I had fabric from some old sweat pants that were too long for my short legs, and I cut out circles for the bottom of the tin, so it would be nice and soft and easy to slide around.

 Glued on top.

 I'm not gonna lie: the area around the circle/handle part was tricky and not awesome. 

So I took twine and glued it a few times around it to cover up the awkward cuts. I really wanted to use vintage white rick-rack to wrap around it, but it's on loan right now to my friend Ajja. She's an awesome photographer and I made her Photo Booth Backdrop for her website launch party last Saturday, and all of my awesome colored ribbon/rick-rack/lace/etc. is still on the back-drop... 

Two tins complete...

...back in their old homes... 

...catching all the junk next to the couch...

 ...and the pens, hand-sanitizer and body spray on my Shiloh Desk.

One more to make, but I'm not sure which fabric I want to commit to. 

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Monday, January 30, 2012

It's in the mail...

A few weeks back, my husband's mom requested a custom order of bunting 
(which you can do on my Etsy page!

Here was her request: 
-army green (I translated that to mean "olive")

Well, I had no olive and all the peach I had had some blue with it. Needless to say, I started collecting. Here's what transpired:

I work EVERY SATURDAY, with the exception of maybe 4-5 Saturdays a year. I was able to go to my first garage sale in ages on New Years Eve. I didn't expect much, since it was a holiday, but I ran across this AWESOME sale with a ton of old napkins. I cut this one up and showcased the adorable flower in the corner: 

 I love the Hawaiiana feel of this green fabric. It's like a quilt.

Little does she know, but I actually bought this whimsical fabric with the trees and snails and birds for Cailin! Then I realized it had olive and peach in it... so I could use it for mom's project too. :)

This adorable strawberry vine vintage fabric is another garage sale find from a garage sale I was able to go to on my last Saturday off, back in August. I love the colors!

And I've been using this pink/white one in the middle for tons of projects. It's a little thin, but still awesome. It's actually from this old women's nightgown from the 70s.... The nightgown is literally getting shorter and shorter as I cut piece after piece off of it.

I'm pretty stoked on this project, and can't wait for my mother-in-law to get it!

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Valentine's Day Bunting

I've never really done any V-Day decor... so this year I decided to do something. One thing, to be exact. Bunting is the theme of my holiday season, so let's have it usher us into February's holidays as well. 

I wanted to do a different set of bunting then the triangle and circular ones I've been doing like these:

So I made a different template. (All my "templates/patterns" are made out of magazine covers.)

I also wanted a heart on some of the hanging portions, so I made a heart template too. 

 I chose some awesome pinks, whites, reds and even a yellow fabric... and started cutting.

Then I sewed the hearts on some of the pieces.

Then sewed the actual pieces inside out, then ironed them.

And here's how the pieces turned out:

I wanted to hang it on something different, so I threaded some twine through it. Here's the finished product:

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rolling table

This little table needed some TLC. It was full of water damage scratches and I wanted to give it a little boost. So I took it home with me, and here's what happened:

It went from:

I sanded it down, then painted that same metallic aqua blue from the Shiloh Mirror on the top and the side, so I could do racing stripes on this piece too. I grabbed an awesome leftover flat dark blue paint to paint the rest of the table. 

Then I put two different sizes of tape on the top and down the left side. And then painted over it. Two coats of the dark blue, total. I used a roller. 

All pau. 

And here it is in it's home...

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