Saturday, June 8, 2013

Magic Eraser Toilet Bowl Pinterest Fail

So you know that pin that says,

"Did you know you can cut a piece off a magic eraser and put it in your toilet bowl overnight and it will remove the toilet bowl rings?!" 

You haven't seen it? Well, click here.

I did it last night, and FAIL. It didn't work. After searching a few other pins, some of them are honest and say, "You will have to scrub a bit." Ummm... isn't that the whole point of a magic eraser? You use it like an eraser? The first pin promises to skip that step of having to erase! What a big fat pinterest liar! So, save yourself some time and just put some gloves on and wash your toilet bowl yourself.

Now, if only I could have back that minute of my life where I cut up my magic eraser and put it in the toilet bowl.

(Totally kidding and not at all bitter).

Aloha, Rebecca

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