Sunday, June 23, 2013

The ottoman pouf I never want to make again

You've seen the gorgeous poufs in Pottery Barn and West Elm. You've browsed pinterest and told yourself, "That's so easy-- I can totally make that!" You haven't? Whatever, I've seen your pins. Well, with some encouragement from my friend Ajja, I did the same. She had just moved into a gorgeous little home and was very specific about her desired housewarming present. :) Here was her inspiration, from Joss and Main: 

It took me about 6 months to muster up the time materials to make it happen. I was planning to do it the same way I make baby soft blocks, except it would be an XXXL rectangular version. When I finally had a Saturday off, I went garage sale searching for some old pillows to use as the stuffing (ironically, Ajja and I work together pretty much every Saturday, which was a huge reason why I didn't get it done sooner. I needed cheap filling!) I picked up a body pillow for $2. I used some Walmart reject scraps to make an insert and filled it with the pillow stuffing and sewed it up shut.

I had some beige curtains left over from our dance studio on Kauai, which served as the top and bottom of the pouf. I've had this turquoise/brown tweed looking cotton material that I love from the Maui Quilt Shop around the corner from my house. I used that for the sides. I felt like it needed some kind of handle, so I used some thick off-white ribbon near the corner of one side.

It turned out fine. But just that... fine. It's not perfect. 
The tweed side material bunches and looks baggy when you sit on it. 

See the wrinkles up above? Well I made a layered opening on the bottom so you could take the insert out for washing, but it was sooooo hard to get in the opening! Those wrinkles are from all the tugging. 

I have no desire to make one of these again. However, I'm actually really glad Ajja asked me to make it. Now I don't have to wonder! You see, I pinned these ottoman poufs, thinking they'd be super easy to make:

 Look how simple mine is in comparison, and I had a hard time making it through to completion! 

The good thing is, Ajja is happy with her's, and I'm glad... but I'm also happier knowing that I don't want to make one of these again. In my imaginary store that I open one day, I won't be adding "Ottoman Pouf's made by Yours Truly" to the inventory. Now I can sleep at night. 

But... if we were good friends... and you asked me to make one for you... I probably would :)

Aloha, Rebecca


  1. It turned out really cute I think! I made a beanbag for my kids, it's round and I put a zipper in the bottom, but didn't make the zipper big enough so I had the same problem as you. I actually tore it trying to get it out again to wash the cover :( But I repaired it and they absolutely love the thing so maybe it was worth the headache :)
    Heidi @

  2. I think it looks great! You're brave for even attempting to make one - I just know I couldn't do it!
    P.S. I love the title of this post! hee hee

  3. i love how this turned out! i think it looks soft and cozy...i'm not into the crisp and straight ones as much. yours looks loved and as though it has a story to it!
    well done!!


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