Monday, July 1, 2013

Little Red Rocking Chair

UPDATE: This chair sold on 9/6/13!

I picked up this chair for $2.00. That's right. $2.00! But boy was it in bad shape...

Here's a peek: 

random paint splotches
ridiculous "distressing"

flithy dirty

a dog had it's way with both rocker sides

and it was completely wobbly
it wasn't even safe enough to be a time-out chair

I had to take the entire thing apart
(with my dad's help, of course)

a few screws and some wood glue later, and it was back together

 I sanded it. 
And kilzed it.
And sanded it some more. 

The spindles were torture to paint.
I painted it.
Then sanded it.
Then painted it some more.
Repeat 5x.

With all these imperfections, it was never going to look like a "brand new" chair again, so I resorted to Miss Mustard Seed's Antiquing Wax to "celebrate" all the imperfections. 
Have you tried this stuff yet? No? 
What are you waiting for?! 

Click here to read all about MMS Antiquing Wax and to purchase some. You won't be sorry!

The wax "hugs" it in all the right places. :)

I love this little tomato red chair. So does Ivy. :) But I can't keep hoarding everything in our 700 sq ft cottage. It needs a home. If you're local, you can see the craigslist posting here. Selling it for $70. After all the love put into it, that's a steal!

Aloha, Rebecca



  2. It's so cute and the tomato red is such a beautiful shade. I'm working on a bench right now with lots of spindles, but I'm spraying it thank goodness!

    Thanks for linking up to my project party!


  3. that is a steal!! you did well to keep going with it...definitely a labour of love! Well worth it though, it looks so great now! ready for another few generations of love and use :-)

  4. That chair is such a pretty shade of red! I have a chair similar to this one that was mine when I was young. I'd like to fix it up for my daughter, but those spindles....eeeek! Thanks for giving me hope that it can be done :)


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