Monday, July 8, 2013

What's In Your Purse?

As I mentioned in yesterday's post "Conquer Your Closet," I like things organized. Especially my purse. I carry it with me every day, and if I reach in and it's a wreck, I feel like I'm a wreck. Last week I felt like a wreck. Translation: my purse was a mess. So, what exactly was in there?

Let me break it down:

1. My re-usable bag, which is normally all compact in it's tiny matching pouch, which was no where to be found. 
Fun fact: Maui banned the use of plastic bags at stores back in January 2011. 

2. My church bulletin.
3. My wallet (Volcom) and check book.
4. My completed shopping list that should have been thrown away. 
5. Like, 10 receipts and an expired $10 off coupon for groceries. :(
6. Orbit gum. I'm sure Ivy chewed most of it. 
7. $0.50 and 3 bobby pins.
8. A Starbucks gift card (shout out to Sally) and 2 pens.
9. Suncloud sun glasses I got in Paia with my friend Jenny.
10. A monthly planner. I only like small ones with just the entire month on it. No weekly or daily breakdowns. I can't do electronic planners like the one on my iPhone either. If I don't write it down, I won't remember it. 
11. My adorable 'clutch' bag from Cailin with 3 MAC lipsticks, 1 MAC lipgloss and 1 Leona Lewis Body Shop lip gloss. (In high school, me and my best friends Brit and Mapu used to say "lipgloss makes everything all better.")
12. My work, a.k.a. my iPod. This is not used for listening pleasure. It is 100% for work. Ahh, the life of a dance teacher...
13. A free music download. I don't think I'll download it. I used to download ALL of them, but most of them were lame.

I had been using one of my favorite old Roxy purses. Isn't it cute? 

Well, it's been loved. Look at the straps:

I hate to say it, but I think it's on it's way out, because I can't keep it organized. I subliminally have no respect for it in it's dire state as the leather peels off it.
Luckily I found this new purse while hanging out with my friend, Ajja, last week.

It came with a bathing suit:

Not really, but it was 40% off the sale price, so the suit ended up being $30! Down from $72!! They basically gave it to me... :)

 And with that being said, what's in your purse?

Aloha, Rebecca

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