Monday, June 10, 2013

Vintage Industrial Chair - Before and After

UPDATE: This chair sold on July 3!

I was about to get back in the car when out of the corner of my eye I saw this gorgeous ugly old industrial chair. I quickly grabbed it and turned it upside down to see exactly what I was about to get myself into. And boy, did I want to get into it. I yelled at sweetly asked the lady, "how much for this chair?" She said, "make me an offer." $3.00 later, the chair was loaded into the back of the car. 

I was so eager to get to work on this piece, I didn't even get a "before" pic! It was just too easy to get the back off and begin the transformation. 

I got a flathead screwdriver and a pair of pliers and started ripping the staples out and taking vinyl off. 

I'm happy to say I bought my first staple gun for this project, and I love it so much that now I just keep looking around for things I can staple. I chose the smaller "hobby" gun, which is appropriate for reupholstering, and way easier for me to pull the trigger. With the big ones, I can never squeeze the trigger! 

The vinyl pieces were used as the template for my fabric. I LOVE this diagonal striped fabric. I got it at the Maui Quilt Shop in Azeka's. Can you believe that "5-6-7-8" somehow made it into the project?!

I seriously can't believe how easy this was.
After removing the seat cushions, I sprayed the metal with a coat of Kilz primer, then 2 coats of mint/seafoam green, then a clear coat. I sprayed the screws with a coat of silver to make them look like new. The cushions just screwed back on. 

I made sure not to paint over the original brand label - Cole. It says "Made in USA" underneath it. 

I love her. 
But I'm not keeping her. 
She's for sale. 
See the craigslist listing here.
See the etsy listing here.



  1. Wow super cute and super quick too!!

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  3. Hello Rebecca! My name is Katy and I am the social media coordinator for KILZ brand products. I am glad our primer was able to help restore this vintage industrial chair. We would love for you to share you experience with our product by writing a review. Here is the link to our review platform. Simply click on the product used and write a review:
    We would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

  4. Awesome, awesome! I love vintage pieces like this and the fabric you used was just perfect! So glad I stopped by after finding you on Alderberry Hill. Following your blog now.

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

    1. Thanks Angela! I had actually just looked at your Shabby White Secretary just before you commented. :) I've been following you for a while. Glad to make the connection!

  5. I love the stripes - so fun and cheerful! Found you from Make the Scene Monday. :-)
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen

  6. Such a great transformation! Love it :)
    Heidi @

  7. Love the way it turned out! Thanks for the tutorial...I will have to try this!
    Sarah @

  8. Great idea recovering the chair. I have a rolling industrial chair that has seen way better days. I like it all grungy as is but nobody else does. Maybe I'll give it a makeover too!

  9. Love it! I'm visiting from Better After. :) I love your rug too! Would you mind sharing where you got it? I'm pretty sure I've seen similar ones around, but can't remember where! ;) Thanks!!


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