Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baby Blocks & Bunting for Mexico

Last month I heard that our church mission's team was going to an orphanage in Mexico. After inquiring if there was a need for any infant items, I made 5 baby soft blocks and some bunting. The leader of the team said they'd be arriving at a particular orphanage in late June that had a few infants. I was sitting in church today and they announced that the team had arrived at that orphanage! So, to celebrate that, here's a look at what arrived at its new home:

The bunting is double sided. It's made out of the same fabric as the blocks. 
I feel like bunting signifies joy and celebration. When you see it you know that something fun is happening. 

This is the other side:

The ribbons on the side coordinate with the fabrics in the blocks. I liked how I could recycle the "NA HOKU" ribbon that was on the package of the pearl earrings I got from Kit for my birthday. Anyone in Hawaii would see that and think, "Ummm... why are you reusing Na Hoku's ribbon?" I don't think they'll know what it is in Mexico... :)

I hope these little soft blocks and bunting bring joy to those little ones in the orphanage! 
Aloha, Rebecca

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  1. I love these!! My little guy loves toys like no other baby I have ever seen so I think I'll make him some of these :)


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