Monday, April 30, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things... the birthday edition

I turned 29 last week. Ivy is now 2 years old. When she was in my tummy, I felt her kick for the first time on my birthday. How awesome is that?! I'll admit it, the first two birthdays after having her were a little hard to swallow. I didn't get much of a break on either of them. Last year we went to The Melting Pot. Warning: do not take an 18 month old to The Melting Pot. Boiling oil... melted chocolates. Wasn't super. But this year, things were a lot better. Especially because Ivy is at an age where she can jump into the celebration and know what's going on. 

A few people gave me gifts for my birthday, and let me tell you. 
They were awesome gifts! Some of my new favorite things! 

The first gift was from my husband-- a trip to Molokini on my birthday and an underwater digital camera. Unfortunately I can't share any photos from my birthday trip to Molokini because the camera broke on the trip!! :( Can you believe it? I know so many people with the exact same camera and no one has had problems... so I returned it and am on the lookout for another one... It's still one of my favorite things, though. I just don't have it in my possession at the moment. 

An Urban Outfitters gift card from my brother and his wife. 
If you read this blog, then I needn't say more. Golden.

These awesome bracelets from my friend, Katie. They're from Collections in Makawao. I was so busy on my birthday and the day after and the day after that, that these bracelets sat in my purse, still in the packages for 2 days!! Special shout-out to my captain at work, Kaitlen, for putting them on my while I was driving us to the Studios. 

Aren't they gorgeous?!

I bought this top for myself from Mahina. It was 50% off. I am not allowed to wear strapless (trust me, I've had waaaayyyy too many malfunctions!!!!! while dancing, on planes... the list goes on...) so I sewed on these black straps. They criss-cross in the back. The butterflies are so cute. Mahina is a super-cute boutique. Check it out. 


A few months ago I realized Jack Johnson was having a concert on my birthday! I bought Kit and I tickets. Jack hasn't been to Maui in a few years, but used to always come for Kokua Fest right around my birthday back in 2005-2006. So I'm convinced he puts these concerts on just for my birthday. 

Take note of the plant on the fence in the background: it's lilikoi. Couple that with the fact that this concert also featured Paual Fuga!!! Destiny.

At the concert, Kit bought me a shirt, to replace my old one from 6 years ago. I love it. Isn't it sooooo awesome?! What a great design.

Here's my old one... eek. And what I did to my old one... :).
 (You can see my tutorial of it in this post). 

My cousin and her husband met up with us at the concert. She brought me a way cool present from Haiku Style in the Haiku Marketplace. They're two long strands of beads, with shells on the ends... to be worn around the neck, scarf-style (see photo above), or around the waist like this:

I got to work on Saturday, and one of my students, (shout out to Larissa and Elizabeth), bought me the CD from the concert for my birthday!!!

Another self-gift: I bought myself a new Volcom swimsuit. These things aren't cheap. I usually by myself a new suit every birthday or so. 

A few days before my birthday, I got flowers from Kit. :) He said it was the start of "birthday week." Ivy got me a balloon that said "Love You Mom," and I was just about to take a photo of it, but she literally popped it while I was writing #9 of this post!!

I came home from work the other day, and our friends from Australia brought me a birthday bottle of wine! 

I may be blogging from a new computer soon! I've been saving up, and my parents gave me some spare change to contribute to the purchase. But I can't seem to make the commitment... Of course, it will be a Mac (i never use anything but). Just trying to get the guts up to make the big purchase. 

And those are a few of my favorite things... the birthday edition.



  1. You scored and your gift from me is still sitting in my car(; I love Layer Cake wine! And I was eyeing that bracelet at ballet!

    1. oooh. i'm back now. let's catch up. and yes, that bracelet is awesome.

  2. wow great gifts...I must say the bracelets are my favorite!

    1. thanks for stopping by! I wear the bracelets almost every day!!

  3. Love love love the bracelets!!! And Jack Johnson *in* Hawai'i...that would be a dream for me!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    1. Yes, Karri, Jack Johnson is pretty awesome. I was born here in Hawaii, so I probably don't realize how amazing the concert experience is, because to me it's home! We're also so lucky he comes as often as he does.


    Secondly, I absolutely LOVE that wrap bracelet! I want one!!! I also adore those bead strands! And I'm also entirely jealous that you got to go to a Jack Johnson concert. He's been one of my favorite artists since FOREVER! And that bikini is so cute! Volcom is one of my favorite brands...I might just have to gift myself one too for my upcoming birthday. Lol.

    And lastly, thank you so much for following my blog! I'm following you back now!

    ♥ Duckie.

    1. thanks so much for the sweet comment and following back!


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