Sunday, May 20, 2012

Home tour - my Aunt's adorable little cottage

My Aunt has lived in the same 2 bedroom cottage in a suburb of Los Angeles for over 30 years. Just a freeway or two from LAX, we've stayed in her extra room many many times. This cottage has so much character, and I love what she's done with it in recent years. Enough explaining... let's just show some pics!

This is not my aunt. It's my best friend, Mapuana. She lives in LA now and met up with us for lunch. 

The couch she is sitting on used to be mine. It had striped upholstery that wasn't half-bad. I got it at a garage sale for $40 back in 2003. Then I moved away from CA, and gave it to my brother, who gave it to his dog. Then he moved away from CA and gave it to my aunt. She took it to get re-upholstered and now it is amazing:

I love the shade of pink on this mirror! So feminine!

How awesome is this vintage sewing machine?!

Two little reading nooks:

This is a photo of my grandparents: 

Here's the guest room, which used to be my cousin's room. I think when I was younger it even had a water bed. Gone are those days. Now it's a delightful haven.

What's crazy is a few years ago I had the matching duvet for the pillow on the left:

The bathroom is another adorable section of the home.

I love the knobs on the dresser. I also love that there is a dresser in the bathroom! Genius!

Vintage scale

The kitchen was done back in the 50s. Blues, yellows and reds.

What's crazy is my mom and I both have this clock. My mom's is also red, and mine is aqua.

She also did a little shabby-chic project. If you're interested in this door, done in a great blue with a vintage door knob, I think she's selling it! 

And here is what she's reading, if you're curious:

She's got quite a few of these vintage make-up boxes. She gave me one in a dark aqua!! Isn't her home great?! I love what she's done with it, and every time I visit, there's something new (but probably a little old) to see!! Thanks Aunty for letting me gloat over your home!

Aloha, Becca


  1. What a cute home with all the vintage pieces! Thanks for sharing!

  2. how quaint and homey! i love it, especially the vintage stove and kettle. by the way, i'm your new "friend" from Sew Many Ways find a friend friday :)

  3. I LOVE the perfect details of this cottage!!! :o) It makes me want a little cottage just like that! And I LOVE that vintage stove! :o) Thank you SO much for linking up!!!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy


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