Sunday, April 1, 2012

$2 Shelf - COMPLETED!

I took on the March "Before & After" challenge at My first project was the $2 shelf. See the original post here.


in process...


Painted in Shiloh

top shelf

 middle shelf...

bottom shelf...

The brown catch-alls in the center and the crystal one on the right were my grandma's. The brown one has a note in it from my grandma. Those kinds of things make me really happy.

The shelf is up on our bedroom wall, and now that it's up, I really want to paint the walls. A pool blue? Grey? Sage? Celery? I think it would make the shelf look better. But how can I justify to my landlords that I should be able to paint the walls because I want a shelf to look better? 

I had actually finished the shelf a couple weeks ago. I hung it up, staged it, didn't take any photos, then got a text from my husband a few hours later: 

"Your shelf was hanging by a thread 
with half of the stuff you had on it on the ground..."

Oops. Thank you Kit for hanging my shelf properly. Thank you to the people who had the garage sale last month who gave this to me for $2. :)


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Three Mango Seeds


  1. You can probably tell the landlord you are painting the walls a lovely, calm color and that if when you leave he/she doesn't like it, you will paint it back to white. It's worked for me many times (as long as you don't paint red or a neon color!)

    I love the Aloha sign on the shelves!


  2. I love how your shelf turned out, what a great find!


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