Monday, March 5, 2012

GOAL: $2 shelf in Shiloh

So... I have another goal for the month. This one is way simpler than the Kids Pottery Barn table in this post. On a Sunday garage sale hunt (see previous post here about another random Sunday garage sale session), I picked up this awesome solid wood shelf for .......... $2.00! Yes! $2.00! And, they also gave Ivy a ton of free stuff:

-Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer stuffed animal
-This blue stuffed dog with a rattle inside
-Sand toys
Everyone just gives stuff to this kid for free!

Here's the shelf.

We put it up in our bedroom, but the wood just wasn't cutting it. I dunno... I'm not in love with wood colored furniture. But aren't the lines gorgeous?

So Kit really wants black furniture in our home. I don't. But being the (willingly) submissive wife that I am, I went out and got this black wood stain. I thought it would look awesome on this shelf. It didn't. It turned out a cherry wood color, because this piece was so dark to begin with. Sorry for the blurry pic. Only the top and sides are stained.

Since this piece was going in our bedroom with the other Shiloh pieces (see post here and here and here), my husband said, "Everything wood ends up painted in THAT one color, so why didn't you just paint it THAT one color?" (THAT one color = shiloh).

So, being the (willingly) submissive wife that I am, I painted it Shiloh today. It has gorgeous crevices in the shelves, so I started with the crevices and corners, using a really small brush. 

Then I did a first coat on the whole thing. Of course, the one day of the year it rains in Kihei is the day I have time to paint! I have a million projects trying to dry in our tent outside, and it's raining... haha.

I'm also putting this in the Before and After party at Shine Your Light, (along with the Kids Pottery Barn table-- post here), which means I have only this month to finish it! It's simple... just needs a couple more coats of paint then put it back up on the wall.


Shine Your Light

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  1. This is going to look so pretty! Thanks for linking to my party.


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