Monday, March 5, 2012

$0.50 Hanging Planter

Since I work every Saturday, I've been hitting garage sales on Sundays. One of our teenage captains at work, (yes, you, Kaitlen...) says I have a problem: "If you're going to garage sales on Sundays, I think you have a problem." This is what she says to me as we're driving to classes every Saturday and I'm looking longingly at the garage sale signs we pass, instead of at the road. 

I don't have a problem. I just have a scheduling conflict. 

Well a few Sundays ago, Ivy and I left church to go scope out the sales. I found this beauty:

$0.50. That's right... $0.50!

Then the lady threw in a ton of trinkets for Ivy-- 

-#1 reader necklace/medal thing-y
-a Jasmine Trias single from when she was on American Idol
-some more Excellent Reader memorabilia
-a thick plastic red bangle (which I plan to steal from Ivy and Modge Podge vintage fabric to it...)

The wires were a little uneven, but they adjusted soooooo easy. 

I put it up on our lanai and stole a few flowers my mom had left over from her Sunday School craft. About two weeks later she finally noticed the hanging planter was up and said, 
"I was wondering where all the flowers went." 
(We live next door to my parents... it took her 2 weeks to even notice the planter... haha, I love my mom). 

I got that chime at my baby shower from some friends on Kauai. It was hung above Ivy's changing table for her to stare at. Now that she's done with the changing table, we hung it on our lanai. 

It's the simple things in life. Like a $0.50 garage sale hanging planter. How long till I brush it lightly with my go-to paint color, Shiloh?



  1. It is the simple things in life and I love how $.50 can make us smile. Thank you for linking up at our party! :)

  2. Love the price tag and love what you did with it! Oh, and I'm so jealous that you live in Hawaii!!!

    .. so happy you shared at our Great Outdoors link party!





    1. Thanks for having the party, Linda! I LOVE your blog.


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