Saturday, February 4, 2012

Master Bedroom - cover those TV cords!

Our home was previously one of my parent's Vacation Rentals here on Maui. So we moved into it totally furnished. I know many of you would love to live in a Maui Vacation home, and my parent's places are really cute, but my style is slightly different. So slowly, we've been making it our own space, as we sift out (some of) the bamboo, tropical flowers and palm tree decor. Shameless plug: if you're looking to vacation in Maui, go 'like' my parents' business page on FB or I can get you their contact info!

But this post is not about style, it's about covering up those awful flat screen TV cords in our Master Bedroom! Previously at the foot of our bed, it looked like this, complete with a 13" TV/VCR combo, 
(and the VCR portion didn't work, haha). And yes, that desk is painted in SHILOH...

For Christmas I really wanted a flat screen mounted at the foot of the bed, centered on the wall, not in a corner (for the sake of my back/neck alignment, haha). So I got a 19" off-brand at Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving, for $89! When we mounted it, the TV cords looked horrendous. I don't have a "before" pic, because we wanted them covered up so quick. Since I'm a bunting queen, my husband suggested I do some time of "bunting" to cover it up. He's all, "Make bunting, but not regular bunting... some kind of vertical bunting." Sometimes I'm amazed at our creative collaborations... Here's what came out of it:

I used a single fold bias tape in grey, on top of a satin ribbon. 
Then I chose some favorite fabrics and went to work.

Wasn't totally prepared for the ribbon to curl, like it did, but it's not terrible.
I guess "I mean to do it." :)

This is just decor on the opposite side:

The photo on the top left is one my husband took when we went to Slovenia for my brother's wedding. The collage on the top right are childhood photos of my husband and his older brother.
My brother's wife made the frame/jewelry holder on the left.
In the center is an awesome "photo box" from Pier 1. It opens up with hinges and you place things in and it came with magnets which secure the items in place. I love it. It contains keepsakes also from our Europe trip. 
And, if you've been reading my blog, you know that tin is now covered in fabric which matches the fabric in the top left frame! 



  1. Very cute! And I love that your husband suggested a bunting! That is so sweet! ... And how fun to live in Hawaii!

  2. Thank you for stopping by Space 46 and leaving such sweet comment! I adore your desk!

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