Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pure Indulgence... No place for the Aqua Birdie Pillow

I bought a cute aqua birdie fabric from Sew Special here on Maui a few weeks back. (I also got 1/4 yard of an adorable matching squirrel print... sounds weird, i know, but it is ADORABLE). 

I love aqua. All my dishes are aqua. But for some reason, it took me a long time to figure out what project was just perfect for this aqua birdie fabric! Well, yesterday I finished Cailin's pillows she requested, and I loved the grey I used in them. Pillows take no time at all to make, so I gave in and used the aqua birdie fabric... and some white... and the leftover grey... to make a teeny little pillow. I already had a random pillow insert floating around, naked without a pillow case. 

A few seams later-- tada!

And this black vinyl chair... I had plans for this chair... but I kind of like it as is.
It was $5 @ Salvation Army. Marked down from $13. 
The metal legs have a hint of rust, but like I said, I kind of like it.

And by the way, my pic of this Urban Outfitters rug under the chair from this post, was reposted a million (exaggerating) times on pinterest. It was my first pin to go viral... !

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Back to the aqua birdie pillow:

So, I have my cute pillow... but it really doesn't go anywhere in our house. I think it's because grey is not really one of our home colors... Kit wants more black in our home, so maybe that will help... but for now, I don't care that it doesn't match anything. The pillow is cute. 


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  1. I am inviting you come and be part of my blog hop:

  2. That fabric is so cute! Thanks for sharing at Shine Your Light!

  3. Becca, This is a darling pillow! Use it even if you don't have much gray in your house. This pillow is so fun and chic (chick- ha!) I think it could stand all by itself!
    What a darling blog you have!


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