Sunday, February 26, 2012

Special Order - Cailin's Pillows

Cailin called me last week and said she's got company coming! They have a downstairs studio in their home, and she wants to have it in full working order by the time her guests arrive! So, she needed 3 throw pillow covers. And she wanted me to make them. 

1. grey
2. yellow
3. dark blue

My starting off point was these fabrics....
 But if you notice, they do not contain any dark blue, hah. 
You see, I could not envision how dark blue would go with yellow and grey. 

Then I took out my latest obsession: 
the $1 pillow case I got at Salvation Army (which I used on my bandana see post here).

I remembered it had blue and mustard in it. 

But still, not enough dark blue. 
So I went to Sew Special and picked up a reverse version of my 
light grey/navy pinwheel style fabric from their Asian section, 
that I used on my fabric-covered tins (see post here).
And, I remembered I bought Cailin a yellow/grey stripe fabric, 
but had never done anything with it for her yet.

So the collection up to this point was this:

I needed grey, and Cailin said she really loved the yellow/grey paisley... I did too. 
So this is what made the cut (literally):

I cut them at 18", sewed at 17", so they'd fit pillows about 15-16".

 I did an overlapping back

And had to hem one side, but used the end of the fabric on the other side.

 Here's what the back ended up looking like:

I used two complimentary strips of fabric for the fronts of the pillows (back view):

Sewed them together.

Cut off the edges

Best tip ever: for corners, snip them close so they lay better when you turn them inside out. So basic, but makes it so nice. 

Here's #1:
(Ooh! Just noticed that you can see the reverse version 
of the dark blue fabric in the little bunting in the front of the pillow!)

Here's #2:

And #3:

Sorry, Cailin: the little bunting in front of it is not included... 
it's for staging purposes only.
You may recognize it from my "Cord Cover" in this post. 

I love how the 3 colors turned out: grey, yellow and dark blue. 
Great vision Cailin!

Shipping out tomorrow, right after my surprise root canal, in a recycled urban outfitters bag 
(safe to say, UO is our favorite place to make some online purchases... :))




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  1. Those turned out so nice!

  2. great! seems to me like a huge button would look cute in the middle of these too... just an idea for future :)

  3. good idea, becky. i'd love to have an awesome vintage button stash...

  4. Those are perfect! I love how the color combo turned out.

  5. Thank You for participating in Show Your Stuff Blog Hop, You are invited to come back:

  6. Oh I love the mix of fabrics! Nicely done!

  7. I never would have put those fabrics and color combos together ... but they turned out amazing! Just loving it! Cailin has some amazing vision ...

    ... and you are an amazing friend to whip those cases up for her!

    So very happy that you linked up to our Pillopalooza slumber party!



    1. Thanks for stopping by Linda! I LOOOOOVE your blog. :)


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