Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pillow Cover

I've seen a ton of tutorials on making pillow covers, so I've been ready to do this project for a while. It literally took like 10 minutes. 

I chose 3 fabrics that I felt complimented each other:

The brown printed one on the left is this awesome remnant I got for like 40% off at Fabric Mart. It's the same one I used on one of my fabric-covered tins (see post here), and the pillow is going on the couch next to that tin, so I'm glad they'll coordinate!

The center fabric with the birds and flowers is upholstery grade thickness, and I got it about a year ago. My first project with it were these shorts: 

The fabric on the right is actually part of a standard pillow sham set I got at a garage sale... I just keep cutting up these poor pillow shams. 

All pinned up:

Sewed inside out, then turned right side out. 

It's perfect on my grandma's afghan, which my mom made for her many years ago. 
After my grandma passed away last March, my mom told me I should have it.

Here's the back of the pillow. There is an opening between these two fabrics, to slide the pillow in through there. 

The End.
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  1. Cute Becca. I like how it is modern on the front and vintage-y on the back. :-)

  2. Oh how cute! Man I wish I could sew. : (
    Thank you so much for linking up to the "Cowgirl Up!" linky party! Be sure to join us again this Tuesday♥

  3. Another very cute pillow! And what adorable shorts too!

  4. Now in this modern age pillow designing is also a part of home improvement or the interior designing.


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