Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Garland

To get in the Valentine's Day spirit, I decided to make some Heart Garlands. I first started making garlands when I came across this post from www.danamadeit.com last Fall. MADE is the first blog I ever followed! Search "garland" on her blog and a ton of posts will come up. 

I bought a $0.26 sheet of red felt and a mistake pink felt the other day at Walmart, then dug out the white felt from Christmas. Then, while on the phone with Cailin yesterday, I started cutting out hearts. 

 For the edges of the garland, (to tie it to something), I used this vintage ribbon that has adorable little hearts and flowers on it. 

 It's so simple to make... you just sew across the felt.

 Then I hung it in Ivy's room, in front of one of her windows.

It's right behind her butterfly mobile that used to be above her crib, and is now above her big girl bed.

I liked it so much, I wanted to make a head wreath for Ivy... a.k.a. a haku lei here in Hawaii... out of felt hearts. Hahahaha. I figured, she's 2 years old, I can get her to wear it at this age. 

 I twisted the angles of the hearts to go sideways.

She loved it. And wore it all night at dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. ALL NIGHT.

 Silly girl. FYI- that's strawberry on her lips.

Happy Valentine's Day!
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