Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Won... AGAIN!! I want to have a giveaway...

So, I'm really stoked, for a few reasons. I'm super new to blogging... and I just started entering giveaways... and 5 days into blogging, I won my first one: an awesome calendar from Circa dee! I just got it in the mail, and the photos/products in it are awesome!

Then... 9 days into blogging, I won my second giveaway: $50 to Urbanwall via a giveaway at Pinecone! Urbanwall has awesome wall decals, and I can't wait to pick one out at their Etsy Shop! AND, the crazy thing is I was emailing them, and they're actually vacationing on Maui right now!!

I would LOVE to do a giveaway with one of Kit's Pallets or some of my bunting... but the thing is... I don't have many followers... So, when I hit 25 followers, I'll host my first giveaway... ok, now it's your turn to hit the "follow" button up top. :)

Here's a shot of one of Kit's pallet's and my bunting. :)

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