Saturday, February 11, 2012

Headband/Bandana/Scarf... whatever you call it

I teach dance. My hair is short. I want it out of my face. Those elastic headbands give me headaches-- always have. I have this one double-sided bandana thing from Old Navy that I got in 2001 (I checked the tag, yep, 2001... I was a senior in high school) that I've been wearing more frequently. It looked simple enough to re-create. I used it as a "pattern"

This aqua & grey snake print/damask/tribal material is from my very first Urban Outfitters tapestry. Cailin gave it to me back in 2009! It is my favorite material, such a great airy feel to it. First I made two curtains out of it for our bedroom closet which had no doors on it. Then when we moved, I sacrificed one of the curtains to projects I wanted to do... there's only a 6" sliver of it left, and I don't know what I'm gonna do when I run out of it! Do I sacrifice the other curtain!!?

 The white dotted-line fabric was from a pillow case I got at Salvation army the other day for $1. Score.

I really wanted to use my vintage rick-rack, and I was in luck cause I just got it back from Ajja, since it was still hanging on her photo booth backdrop. See post here. I cut two strips of the rick-rack and pinned it in prior to sewing the pieces front-to-front.

After sewing it almost all the way around, I turned it inside out, then did a re-enforcement stitch around the whole thing so it wouldn't twist and turn. 
Here's the finished project.

I took a few pics of me wearing it, but they were all "myspace profile pics" where I'm holding the camera at these crazy angles and it just looks stupid. So, I couldn't bare to post one. Regardless, I've worn this half a dozen times since making it last Monday!!

And Ivy has graduated to wearing my elastic headbands (and various other accessories)...

And btw- the shirt she's wearing is from Cailin... Cailin buys us lots of awesome gifts. :)



  1. Thanks Becky! Let me know if you have a good idea for a guest post! :)

  2. Absolutely adorable! Both the headband and the cutie at the end :)


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