Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mini Valentine's bunting, baby bunting, and the wall in the Starbucks bathroom

Here's some small projects I did this last week:

First, I made a mini version of my big Valentine's Day bunting and sent it off to Cailin:

And, since we just got back the "ALOHA" sign that Kit made for Ajja's photo booth, it was laying around and "got in" the picture :). After all, Aloha means love! BTW- Ajja, you were supposed to keep the ALOHA sign!

Then I made some bunting for my friend Dasa's new baby Tara in Slovenia.
...she probably hasn't gotten it yet, but I couldn't wait to share. 
I wanted it to be girly, but not too pink.

I bought this adorable Owl fabric on the right for Cailin, but have yet to make her anything with it :(. 

And here's the ALOHA sign again, which Kit made.

Lastly, Ivy had to go potty "right now" the other day, and the closest bathroom was Starbucks. As I sat there waiting for her to do her thing, I noticed the tile on the walls was soooo cool, (just like the rest of the decor in Starbucks). It looked like wood/paint brush strokes, but it was tile. And of course it looked awesome next to all the metal fixtures. I snapped a photo on my iPhone. Then washed my hands. And disinfected my phone.

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Happy Sunday!


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