Monday, January 23, 2012

My Christmas Gift to Cailin...

Sorry for all the posts on one day, but Monday is my day off... and I don't want to wait another week before I blog again, and I've been taking "blog pics" for months without even having a blog so I'm soooo excited to get them up somewhere, rather than just taking up space on my harddrive! I'm nuts, I know!

So for Christmas this year, I made bunting for people. Out here in Hawaii, bunting hasn't really hit it big. People got my bunting gifts and said, "What is this, Amish lingerie?" "Becca, I'm wearing the Apron you made me right now!" My reply-- "Get that bunting off your body and up on the wall!" From that point on, I labeled my bunting gifts and gave a description, haha.

Cailin's kitchen is yellow. I'm pretty sure she even has a "buttercup" Kitchenaid standing mixer for her cupcake making, like this one (right Cailin):

Back to the bunting. I don't know if Cailin realizes this, but I buy fabric for her. Right now I have two different Owl fabrics sitting on my bed just waiting to be used for a project for her. So when I went to make her bunting Christmas present, I was overjoyed to go buy a bunch of yellow fabrics for it. Here's how it turned out:

This adorable grey clock was my Grandmother's. She passed away last March. This clock was up in her kitchen for as long as I can remember, and now it sits here looking AWESOME next to Cailin's yellow/grey bunting and my adorable Urban Outfitters yellow key holder. I'm so glad I have this piece from my grandma. I think of her every time I look at it. 

More of the bunting.

You can kind of see through the polka dot one on the right... I made the bunting double sided so you can turn it around and have a slightly different look. It's pretty similar on the other side, with a few different fabrics in the mix. 

No "how-to's" this time around. (I'm a full-time dance instructor, so my days are filled with "how-to's.")


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