Sunday, January 29, 2012

C is for Cupcake

This is Cailin and this is my first blog.  I am excited to be able to blog with Becca so we can "do' something she wrote earlier.
 About a year ago I decided that I should come up with something I coudl do to help contribute to the family income.  My husband said that I was contributing plenty already by staying home and raising Jed.  This was sweet of him to say, but I felt like I needed some sort of creative "outlet".  After mulling over the things that I could feasibly do with the abilities I have (the list was quite short:), I decided to bake cupcakes. 
I began to think of the materials needed, ingredients, and flavor combinations.  And, of course, who I was going to bake for.  I thought that it would be best to start out baking for friends, so that's what I did.  Almost a year has gone by and I have had over 20 orders from just friends!  It has been so much fun researching, testing, and adjusting recipes, coming up with yummy flavor combinations, and getting feedback about the final products.  These are just a few of the cupcakes I have made!

I just had an order picked up yesterday and two more orders to complete in the next couple weeks so there will be more to share very soon. AND....I will hopefully be traveling to see Becca in May and my plan is to bring along some supplies to finally be able to make her some cupcakes!

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  1. you should share what the flavors of these when you post the pics! Make our mouths water!


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