Saturday, September 21, 2013

Star Noodle Bathroom

Are you ever out to dinner and your friends say to you, 
"Becca, go check out the bathroom, it's really nice. You should blog about it."

No? Well, it's happened to me. In this instance I didn't even use the bathroom. I just went in and took pictures. Here's the goods:

So this bathroom is at Star Noodle restaurant in Lahaina. 

(photo from the Star Noodle website)

They make their own noodles, along with other yummy asian cuisine. 
Their malasada dessert is also really popular. We had a great dining experience. But this is not a food blog, so back to the bathroom...

Isn't this "door handle/lock" awesome?

How's the sink? I feel like I just transported to another world. 
Part asian futuristic, yet almost viking-ish. 

I wish I could get inside the interior designer's head:

"Ok, so we're going to have metallic square wallpaper on top, grey brick tile on the bottom, and a rustic piece of wood moulding through the middle. And let's throw a perfect asian/hawaiiana blend piece of art above the toilet."

And this floor! A slab of concrete with more style than my pinky!

I know it's ridiculous that I'm only giving you an idea of what the bathroom looks like. I suggest you go to the restaurant to get the full dining experience. They're nestled under the West Maui mountains.

(photo from the Star Noodle website)

286 Kupuohi St. 
Lahaina, HI 96761
They're open 10:30am-10:00pm daily.

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