Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spa Water

You've been there. That trendy spa that you've only been to, say, on your wedding day or 30th birthday or something, and as you wait for your massage or pedicure, they offer you a cup of water. But not just any water: they offer you SPA WATER. Say it again, but this time say it with a breathy lisp........ SPA WATER........ Good job. It's got lemon slices or blueberries or mint in it. Since normal people only go to a spa like this once or twice in their lifetime, DIY-ers everywhere have been jumping on the "at-home" SPA WATER bandwagon and now like to refer to it as "Vitamin Infused Water." (SPA WATER is so much more fun to say). 

You chop up some fruits and veggies, put them in water (cold or room temperature), and 30 minutes later you drink! Ahhhh, refreshing. But what makes it so great? Here's a list of my go-to fruits, veggies and herbs, and what they're good for.

I notice that I drink way more water, when I infuse it. The taste is subtle, and you can refill it all day long, reusing the same ingredients. I also can taste the difference when water is served out of glass, versus plastic. Can't you?

So chop up some fruit and get your SPA on. Make every day your wedding day. Or birthday. Or bridal shower. Or whatever event it was that gave you that first sip of (wait, say it correctly) SPA WATER. 


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