Saturday, September 7, 2013

Little Red Rocking Chair, Part 2

Remember that little red rocking chair I told you about here

Well it finally sold this week! I'm pretty stoked on the sale. You see, it's been sitting on craigslist for 2 months. I knew it would take that perfect person to find it and buy it. It was a little too expensive for your average parent to just make time in their busy schedule to call someone up and buy a vintage chair for their own child. It was also too expensive for someone to buy as a birthday gift for a friend's kid or something. So what eventually happened was perfect. I got a call from a grandmother in New Mexico. Her daughter lived near me and just had a second baby. She wanted her granddaughter to be able to rock her new baby brother. She asked if I would be willing to deliver it since they just had the new baby and all. She sent the check and we're coordinating delivery now. Isn't that so sweet?!
I can't believe it went from this wobbly state:

to this broken down state:

to this put-together state:

I hope the little girl enjoys it!

Ivy is a little heart broken that it's gone, even though I told her from the beginning that we weren't keeping it. I'll admit, I'm gonna miss it a little too, but I'm stoked to be able to move on to the next project. 


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  1. HOw cute is this little red rocking chair! My girls but broke theirs and they are so sad...I need to find a way to fix it!!
    I have a Furniture/Paint Party Everything Thursday which goes live Wednesday at 8 PM MST. I would Love for you to come link up!

    Hope to see you soon,



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