Sunday, August 19, 2012

Home Tour - My sis-in-law's Hawaiian Plantation Home

My husband's brother and his family just moved into an old plantation home here in Hawaii, and had to gut it. When they first looked at it, it stunk and was basically abandoned. We visited them a few weeks back and I immediately asked my sis-in-law, Ariana, if I could showcase her home on my blog. It was no surprise that (with a lot of hard work), the house turned out awesome-- the house they lived in before was also to-die-for. 

Ariana's style is effortless, and its been that way for as long as I've known her. When I look at blogs and Pinterest, I think, "They're just trying to copy Ariana." Ariana doesn't read DIY blogs. She's never been on Pinterest (we explained it to her a few weeks ago). She has a collection of French design magazines with bookmarks on the pages she likes, and she's got enough creativity in her to have a career as a fine artist. She sews, paints, and decorates like a pro.

Here's her entry table. I love how she has Anthropologie, Surfer, Surfer's Journal and Serena & Lily magazines/catalogs. Oh, and fresh flowers, of course.

The pieces she chooses for her home are extremely good quality, but able to be lived in. She's got 4 kids under the age of 7. Ivy and the youngest, Shepherd, are 6 weeks apart. :) She and Kit's brother are in the real estate/rental business, so they have the ability to accumulate a lot of home furnishings, and just kind of shift them around where they need to go. I've eyed this rug on Urban Outfitters for a long time, and just realized she's had it all along! I'm pretty sure she just "felt" like those oars would look good up there. Guarantee she didn't see it on a blog, like the rest of us...

 This is the first time they've had a TV in the living room... Ivy's loving it. I'm loving what's below it.

I love the vintage radio next to the window seat.

See how she effortlessly pulls off chic, yet comfy? Those are boys... lounging on a designer pillow!

I'm in love with this table.  

Great piece of artwork on her wall. She's recently added a little purple to her color palette, I noticed. She didn't. :)

I think a friend made this for her. 

She framed a poem one of her kids wrote (I think). Isn't that so sweet? 

How cool is this... this was a family member in San Francisco as the Golden Gate Bridge was being built. See how it's incomplete? What a piece of history!! And of course, I'm pretty sure Ariana was on the mason jar bandwagon YEARS before the rest of us. YEARS, PEOPLE.

On the left is two pieces Ariana painted herself.
On the right is a piece her 7 year old daughter, Niah painted. Aren't they amazing?!

 Ariana knows how to cook good, healthy food. And wouldn't you love to cook here?

I love how her dish rags are even effortlessly quaint and colorful.

 I think these are just Macy's plastic plates, but I'm in love with the pattern.

This is hanging in her laundry room. I can almost guarantee you she uses these bags and that hat. It is not mere decor. 

 I thought this serving tray was adorable. She said she picked it up at a thrift store or something. I want to recreate one for myself.

Who has a vintage bread and cake cabinet?! Ariana does, of course! 
The best part about this, is that Spiderman is sitting on top. Hahahahahaha, I just noticed that. I love it. 

Here's the kids' bathroom. Love the "bain" tin.

 The master bathroom is still in progress (see the blue tape on the window?), but I'd take it any day.

I love her dresser and curtains. And btw- like the mason jars, she's been using old windows, doors and screens as wall hangings/earring storage/art work LONG BEFORE THE REST OF US. Ariana is way ahead of her time. WAY AHEAD.

She almost wouldn't let me take photos, because they're not quite settled into this new home. Can you believe that this is what "not settled in" looks like? Kit's brother made those side tables out of reclaimed wood they took out during the demo of this house. 

Here's where the 3 boys sleep. Perfectly unfinished.

Kit's younger brother lives in this tree house. I'm not kidding. He's 20. It's his "first place."

Random swings in the back yard.

They have a creek in their back yard. Yes, a creek.

Apparently Kit showed her my blog and she became inspired and started painting this chair! Inspired by me? Crazy! She's been a huge creative inspiration to me. I have yet to blog about baby soft blocks, but those are all her idea!! All my fabric choices... I think, "what would Ariana choose?"

This is the best shot I could get of the cousins with Ivy... hahaha. 
Well, about half of them are smiling. :)

Thanks Ariana for letting me show off your home! You're the best!



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    1. Did you ever meet Ariana when you were on Kauai?

  2. What a beautiful home and I love the creative way she has decorated! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

    1. Thanks Connie! We're doing a link party here now. Every Friday, starting today!

  3. I wish we all could pull off "effortless" so well! Thanks to Ariana for sharing and you for writing it up!

  4. Terrific house! love the kitchen, esp. Pretty cool tree house too! visiting thru Claiming Our Space party.

    1. Thanks JoAnn! Just started a new link party here. Every Friday. Hope you check it out!

  5. OMG this home is breath taking! Right out of a magazine...paradise!

  6. What a wonderful family home! It's so bright and happy! But I bet the kids love the backyard the best!

    1. I think so... such a fun place to grow up.

  7. I grew up with Ariana and her creativity is one of the things I remember the most, that and her incredible handwriting and she ripped on skis!

    I'm so excited to visit her in November after 25 years!


    1. Glad you get to visit her! I'm so happy she's my sister-in-law. She is such a neat person. So much talent and warmth flowing out of her.


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