Sunday, February 10, 2013

Recent Changes

We've done a couple small projects around the house over the last few weeks. Actually, my husband, Kit has initiated a few projects, which I'm stoked on.

First off, our dining table went from being wood, to glossy black, and then back to wood with black legs, to then being antiqued with Miss Mustard Seed's AMAZING Antiquing Wax. (Click here to buy online). I can't recommend this stuff enough. Made of beeswax and an old family recipe, it took our ho-hum dining table and has turned it's nooks and crannies into the best surface in our house. Kit is now looking for more wood pieces in our home to antique with it!

Down below, you can see where we started the stain on the bottom right of the photo.

The finish is so unbelievable smooth and durable, though we are now using coasters to prevent water rings. I had actually taken a photo of my crazy to-do list, on top of the table at the beginning and end of the week, first black then wood. 

Second, our front door is now red! Tomato Red, to be exact, and it's in a satin finish, which I'm loving. I've been using matte for almost every project, but I forgot about how much I love satin finishes! We also added a new screen door (these are essential in Hawaii, FYI.) It's actually all metal and was about $120 at Home Depot. 


Then we bought this... "Arcada"


Kit picked out a new lighting fixture for our kitchen and another one for the outside. Sometimes we just need a little updating.

Below you can see what the lighting fixture and the table looked like before:

I was sick of the blackout curtains we stole from Ivy's room, once she started sleeping through the night, so I got some sheer new curtains for our bedroom from Urban Outfitters. They were on sale for $9.99. I just tried to find the link, but they're gone! Down below you can see our blackouts on the right and our new dotted curtain on the left.

I also got some awesome twig tie-backs from Urban Outfitters. Click here to see them. They're 2 for $24. 

Do you like my purse? Also from Urban... can't find the link either! 
It fits my ipad. Ivy took the pic of me :)

Ok, the end. 


  1. well you guys have been busy!! Love the new look table and also the twig tie-backs are so unique!!

  2. we did the same thing to our table a few months back! makes such a difference!

    1. oh cool, did you use the same stuff?

  3. I love love love the red door! It looks fantastic! I'm just excited that we're getting a new door - our current one is old and the weatherstripping is shot, so the hardwood floors get very cold in the front of the house!

    1. Yes, I didn't know how happy an improved door could make us feel!

  4. The picture of the outside lamp is so cool with the Palm trees and blue sky in the background. The colors are so vibrant.


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