Monday, March 25, 2013

Album Giveaway! What Is Real

About 4 months ago, I think I was the last person on earth to discover Mumford and Sons. I still no nothing about them, but have downloaded maybe 5 songs and love them. I really like to know about the artists I listen to, so I should probably get on that. Let's just say I usually read those little descriptions on iTunes about the albums and I keep up with my reading. 

My husband's cousin's husband is a musician. His name is Paul Chase Jr. We've never met, but are facebook friends. From his posts, I could tell he was a musician, but I hadn't heard any of his stuff. Last week I finally moseyed over to his website to give it a listen and really liked what I heard! As I did a little more research, I learned that he is also the frontman of the band Syndicate 19. Reverb Nation says the band sounds like a cross between Talking Heads, Dave Matthews Band, Pink Floyd, Steppenwolf and Mumford and Sons. (There it is again. Good ole Mumford. Oh, and Sons.)

But Paul's latest album is not with Syndicate 19. It's actually his first solo acoustic album, titled "What Is Real." When I started listening to it, I felt like it would be a great soundtrack to the Contemporary Dance classes I teach. I'm always looking for lyrics with purpose, and tempos with movement. I love the tracks "Valentine," "Outlook," and "Walking, Talking, Drinking."

His website says:

"Influences clearly range from heavy alternative rock, such as on the aggressive title track “What is Real”, to folk/country on the song “Rest” to a lighter indie rock sound on the placid “Astronaut”. Strong feelings about world issues and human struggles provide “an endless stream of things to write about,” Chase says. Many of the songs on What is Real have been provoked by the news, radio and social media, yielding honest and raw lyrics paired with passionate vocals and a unique guitar style."

Because of my profession, I'm always on the lookout for new music. I like it even better when it's "good," and something that has yet to go mainstream. Since Paul is based on the East Coast, I think it's safe to say it's unlikely that the masses out here in Hawaii have heard his stuff yet. I'm the first on my block, that's for sure. Do you want to be first on your block? If so, it could be your lucky day. Enter the giveaway down below for a chance to win a free download code for his album. The giveaway will be up until 11:59 p.m., Saturday, March 30. It's super easy to enter. You just fill in your email address, so we can send you the code if you win. To get some extra entries, you can follow him on twitter or FB and such. 

Thank you, Paul, for the generous giveaway, but more importantly, thank you for your music! I love to see people create things that they're passionate about. Even better when it's a member of my family. So important. 

Visit Paul Chase Jr. on:

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  1. We recently saw Mumford & Sons in concert here in London and Lumineers - they are all amazing! I just watched a video with Paul Chase Jr with his guitar - sounds amazing!!


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