Friday, August 23, 2013

Reality Show Friday

If my life were a reality show, this is what today's episode would look like. It's a mess in here!

Shoes on the floor... Laundry unfolded... Pillows strewn... Coffee cups everywhere... Drawers left open... And a dog doing absolutely nothing. 

Don't you like the typewriter desk being used as a computer desk? 

Could we possibly squeeze anymore chairs in this house? I counted... 6 dining chairs, 2 vintage kids rocking chairs, 2 wood accent chairs, and 4 kids table chairs, plus the 2 directors chairs outside! That's 16 chairs. Wow. 

Ivys room isn't too much of a mess. Moving on to our room. 

At least you can see carpet in here!

Our dining room is actually the cleanest spot in the house!

Last night Kit told me, "The Bible stays on the dining room table. Otherwise it won't get read." Haha I love it. 

And by the end of this post Ivy has gone from a red gnome to a pink Skipper. 

Just keepin it real!

Aloha, Rebecca

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  1. Hi Becca,

    Loved seeing your house, "normal for working people" chic. Mine looked like that for 43 years, until retirement(still dirty, but just tidy)I don't want a prize-just tell you to keep up the good work; Love your stuff, and your blog at least lets me know, all is well on the property; I have 40's-50's door w/crystal knobs, I got for $5, last weekend, so hope to paint it today-it's hot here-so it'll dry fast; Just checking in-Love, Aunt Jaymee


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