Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We're Moving!

movingSo, we're moving. Back to Kauai. It's just a flight away, but still, a task to actually move everything over there. Boxes are being packed. Loads to Goodwill are being made (don't tell Ivy). We are all excited, yet a decision like this is always hard. I think it's hardest on me. Kit and Ivy are stoked, but I'm sentimental. I've done pretty well with taking it all in stride. I look at it more like dual citizenship because thankfully I'll be working on Maui every Saturday, so I can teach the students I adore so very much, and see my parents and family and friends. 
palm tree pink sky moon Maui This photo of the moon was taken on one of our last BBQ's in the driveway before Kit took off to Kauai to start working for a couple weeks. These are the moments I'll miss, because now they're no longer everyday life, they're memories of our life here. 

note from dad I love you

Ugh, how can 600 sq ft hold so much!

Urban Outfitters shower curtain and wire baskets
PROBLEM: I've been buying things left and right, as if I'm going to be stuck on an island forever! But these wire baskets from Urban Outfitters-- they're going to look awesome in my office!

Fabric is a whole other story. In my defense, there are no good fabric shops on Kauai, and with Ivy & Co., there are certain fabrics I need an abundance of! But seriously, I'll be back 1 month after I leave. I can stock up then if I need to. I'm driving myself crazy and really, I just want to unpack and be in my new space and get completely organized. 

Speaking of unpacking, I can't wait to unload this gem. It's an antique pie safe I bought from a friend on Saturday. It's going in my office :) 
antique pie safe
If you follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed 3 new boards I created recently:

These boards contain my visions for these 3 rooms in the gorgeous 3 bedroom we'll be renting. Honestly, this awesome house is one of the things that has kept me sane in this process. I'm really stoked on it and feel like it's God's blessing for being obedient to the way He wants to orchestrate my life. We tried a few times to buy a house here on Maui and it just didn't work out. We live in an adorable cottage next door to my parents here, but we're outgrowing it quickly. So Kauai is the next adventure for us!

ululani's shave ice mother daughter
It's been so hot and humid here, we've been going to Ululani's Shave Ice frequently. Moving is hard. Today I killed a scorpion with a magic wand and a flower stem. No joke. 

Ok, I made it through writing this very surface level post about moving without a tear in sight. I've got a million ideas for blog posts, but they might have to wait until I get settled on The Garden Isle. Until then, 

A hui hou, 

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