Saturday, June 2, 2012


Today Ivy told me one of the sweetest things. It's a little material, but still I feel very grateful for her feedback, especially since she's just 2 and a half. She said, "Mom, I love my room. My room is so fun. It has all the fun things. I really like it."

Success! Accomplishment! Validation! You see, sometimes I feel bad trying to make her room a clean, functional, pretty place. I feel as if I should be spending all the time just playing in it with her. However, I'm not a messy person. I don't settle for mediocre anything. So I've spent a lot of energy trying to make her room into a sweet haven that any kid (mainly girls) would want to chill out and have fun in. Many of the projects on this blog are things for her, and I love doing them!


I'm just glad she gave me some positive feedback that she appreciates her room and enjoys what "we" have created. 

Aloha, Rebecca

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