Monday, November 26, 2012

Diagonal Curtain for the Kitchen Window

After we installed our new window treatments (click here to read that post) in our dining and living rooms, we realized the kitchen window needed to get with the program. I had made valances for the kitchen in the first place we lived after getting married 5 1/2 years ago, and one of those valances was up in our current kitchen. It was pretty much my very first sewing project, and the print on the fabric wasn't straight. This might be my all time favorite fabric, but we were due for an update.
Because I like things to be quirky and different, I decided I wanted to do a diagonal curtain for "semi-coverage." I bought two yards of fabric to make this happen, even though almost half of it was going to be cut off. 

I ironed and pinned all the seams I'd be sewing first (left, diagonal and right edges). Once those were done I folded the top down 4" and sewed it: once 1/2" from the top and another 3.5" from the top. This curtain was finished in like an hour. So simple. Or should I say, "Sew Simple." 
Of course, Kit didn't quite understand why I would make a diagonal curtain. It made perfect sense to me: a good amount of coverage since the sun shines really bring in that window in the morning but you still want some light, and it just looks so fun! I had orange pom pom fringe to go along the diagonal hem, but Kit completely nixed that idea, hahaha. It was a little much, I'll admit. I'm on the lookout for some subtle brown pom pom fringe, since that would blend nicely and be a cute touch. 
Here's the view of the "continuity" from kitchen to dining area. Dishes drying in the sink, hats on the wall, cups on the table, that's real life for ya, in the Owen household. No staging here!

This is one of those projects (like most of them) that makes me happy when I see it, which is pretty often. :)


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