Friday, November 30, 2012

ALOHA Friday Link Party #15 and a Sneak Peek at our Christmas Photo Shoot

Welcome to Jed & Ivy's
Aloha Friday
Link Party #15!

We took photos for our Christmas Cards this week with my very good friend, Ajja.
I've only seen this one so far, because she posted it on Facebook.
Ajja's photography is AMAZING. I like to describe her photography style as capturing life in motion. It's honest. It's what really happens. Ivy and I were actually about to hug right here.
Ironically, her business motto is:

Love Gets Sweeter Every Day

There was a moment in the shoot when Ivy fell in the shallow river we were posing in. My husband was a little upset, I was trying to convince Ivy that it was ok, and Ivy was almost in tears over her wet dress. Needless to say, Ajja showed me a picture she took of us through the trees at that moment, and said it was her favorite shot so far. We didn't look ticked off (which we all were), we looked as if we were caring for one another, trying to remedy a situation, and doing it together. She captures life's moments, not life's poses. 

Live on Maui and need some photos? Planning on taking a vacation to Maui? Don't live on Maui but have a wedding or other important (or not so important) event and you want to fly in a photographer?
Hire Ajja Photography to help you remember those times for years to come.

Click here to "like" AJJA Photography on Facebook. (You really should)

Ajja did not pay me for this post, these are all my honest sentiments and I owe her big time for all the moments she's captured in my life :)

Hana Hou! Let's see these great projects again. 

Ineseda's Roses for Rose earrings
This whole blog is in dutch, I think... so I don't have much info, but I loved these earrings as soon as I saw them! I do know that Ineseda has an Etsy site and these earrings are for sale! Click here to go to her site.

Violet Imperfection's Burlap Thankful Banner
Go to the blog post to check out the detail in her little corn!
Her husband and son made it together. She explained they just kind of made it up as they went along. I LOVE those kinds of projects. I think all my projects are like that. 

Jed & Ivy
Pau Hana! 
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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my banner!

    Your photo is beautiful, I hope you will share more of them!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my crochet earrings! Really nice of you.


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