Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ivy's Green and Blue Room Tour

We live in a tiny cottage that used to be one of my parents' Vacation Rental units here in Hawaii. Even though it's small, I love making it into a fun little home for Kit, Ivy and I. Especially for Ivy. Let me take you on a "tour" of her green and blue room. 

First of all, all of the dark blue furniture was mine. My dad built me this bed when I turned 15. I got to design it when I finally had permission to stop sleeping in my canopy princess bed I'd had since I was 3. :) When I was 21 and moved home after college and living abroad, I painted it blue, and added the dark blue side table and bookshelf, which my dad also built for me. I was so excited when Ivy transitioned out of the crib, so I could let her sleep in my old bed. I like that kind of thing.

This mobile hangs above her bed. It's made out of a 3-prong metal plant hanger. I made it when we moved into this house when Ivy was 6 months old. The butterflies were a gift a student gave me, and Cailin had tied that blue ribbon around our dog Godiva's neck when we brought Ivy home from the hospital. Such a special moment. 
 I made the bunting in the window, as well as that heart garland (click here to see that post). Kit made the "Kulia" plaque (that's Ivy's middle name, meaning 'fortunate'). 

The doll on Ivy's bed is named "Amy" and she's 29 years old. 
My late aunt Sara made her for me when I was born. 
I wore her dress home from the hospital. 
On the right is a little side table. I got it at a garage sale 7 years ago. 
Sitting on the table is a fabric bucket I made, in the same fabric as her chair cushions. It contains some of the only pink decor in the entire room...! I have nothing against pink, but the child is named "Ivy." I think it's only appropriate that her room match her namesake, at least a little. We are also super into the ocean, so I think she should be surrounded by blue too. There will be plenty of time for tons of pink and purple things in her life. :) 
The fabric bucket also matches this hat box I recovered the other day, which now holds her Barbie's. Tutorial on that coming soon. :) For other fabric bucket tutorials and posts, click here, here and here.

If you've been following me for a while, you will recognize the Kids' Pottery Barn table and chair re-do. There's 4 chairs in the set, but I keep one next door at my parent's house. Ivy's room is just too small! For the full post on this re-do, click here. It holds her coffee maker and tea set. The placemat is from Cailin... Urban Outfitters! (I have it in orange, too.) The rug is also from UO. I made the chair cushions. Click here for that post. 

 Like any good room designed in 2009 or later, Ivy's got a gallery wall. It contains the letters of her name (of course), torn out pages from a vintage book (of course), maternity shots of Ivy in my tummy (of course) and family photos (of course). PS: the fabric in the long frame is one of my absolute favorite fabrics of all time.
 Photos are by:
Sears (the family portrait down below that looks like we're from the 1970's)

I LOVE this picture/book page/illustration:

Here' the view looking "out" of Ivy's room. I use shoe storage on the back of her door to give a home to random toys. 
And of course, the bunting. My reason for starting this blog. I love to make bunting. Want some? Give me a color scheme, style and length and we can do a transaction via my Etsy shop. 
Oh, and these awesome floor-length curtains are from Pier 1. I LOVE them. They're kind of the reason I did this room tour. I felt like her room was finished once they were up. 

Thanks for taking the tour!
Aloha, Rebecca


  1. so cute! love all the blue and mix of new/repurposed/old with meaning :)

    1. Thanks Kristen! It feels good when a room feels "complete," and you've used so many of your favorite things.

  2. I love how all the big things have a story, it makes it so special!! I have my two antique single beds that were mine, ready and waiting for when my two girls are big enough to use them...they're old hospital beds and are so high off the ground!!
    I'd bet Ivy loves spending lots of time in her cool bedroom:)

  3. Ivy's room is just magical! I love all the colors, fabrics and textures! It just makes you smile!

  4. What a beautiful room for Ivy! The blue is amazing, completely Hawaiian and it's awesome that it used to be yours! My mom and I were just walking through her house last weekend (she's getting ready to move) and I couldn't believe how much stuff she still had from my childhood and the antique furniture!

    Thank you for linking up to Raising Imperfection. Please come back Friday to see if you were featured.


  5. Her room is absolutely beautiful, I want her room! I love the blur furniture, my grandpa made me a doll bed and painted it that exact color, I love that I can pass that down to Violet.

    You make beautiful buntings, way better than I can manage!

  6. Adorable room, adorable post! My youngest son has a blue & green (not the same shades) room also & I'm planning a post detailing the nursery in the near future!

    Thanks for stopping by via the Raising Imperfection hop!
    ~Elisabeth@The Beekeeper's Granddaughter

  7. Psssst, you are being featured today!


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