Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ruffled Dish Towels

In November I bought a pack of dish towels from Ross. I had an idea to sew ruffles on them and give them away as Christmas gifts to "everyone I knew." Well, November and most of December passed and I hadn't even opened the package of dish cloths, let alone sew ruffles on them. I still really wanted to make them, but alas, it was Christmas Eve! So I figured I would make some for my mom, since she still uses the same dishtowels she used when I was growing up under her roof.   

Realization #1: I had bought dish towels. 
You see, I was expecting to find the oblong rectangular hand towels, not square dish towels. Well, it was Christmas Eve. I had to make do, since there was no way I was going to go out shopping for hand towels.

Realization #2: I had no brown or grey thread.
I only had brown and grey single fold bias tape to put along the raw edge of the ruffle. I actually had a vintage spool of brown thread I tried using, but it was  breaking every 2 seconds. Once again, it was Christmas Eve and I was not going out shopping for thread.

Realization #3: This was taking a lot longer than I anticipated! Maybe it was due to the fact that it was Christmas Eve and I felt slightly rushed, but I'm kind of glad I didn't attempt to make these for "everyone I knew."

Aside from them being the wrong shape, having terrible thread lines and being time consuming, I do like how they turned out. My mom has one hanging over a cabinet door in her kitchen, so that means they were a success! After all, they're just for wiping up messes. 

Aloha, Rebecca


  1. They look great :) Glad your mom liked them!

  2. They are quite darling...success. I know your feeling of pressure. I gave up making scarves for everyone for Christmas. I managed to crank out 3, and that was the end of that. Now that the pressure is off, I have started a 4th one. Not sure who is getting it yet. Perhaps it is a keeper:)


  3. thanks for sharing, i always want to do this too so i am glad you shared your frustrations, i have to sew by hand anyways, i think it will stll work out okay and maybe i can recycle some of my scraps! aloha, angi in hana

  4. I think they look great too! I found you at the Gunny Sack. Come check out my blog when you have a second at

  5. Very clever and a grand gift for a friend or family member! You gotta see my "owl" you need is scraps dishtowel over at "the royal blog" castle doors are always open for browsing. Tiffany (thanx for sharing)


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