Monday, January 6, 2014

How To Cut Open A Pomegranate

I feel like pomegranates are fairly new on the scene (as in, the last 5 years). To prove this fact, I had to ask my friend, Jenna, how to eat one (ie: "do you eat the husk? is there a husk?"). She gave me really good step by step instructions, but then I forgot them, so I had to do a little research on my own. So, if you're like me and are (were) clueless about this fascinating super-fruit, here's your lesson:

how to cut open a pomegranate

Choose a fruit that's on the heavier side. 
Color actually doesn't matter, but seriously, who doesn't want a nice ruby red pomegranate?


Step 1:
You will need a bowl full of cool water, a cutting board and a sharp knife. 
I also threw on an apron because I heard the juice is pretty red and would stain my clothes!

how to cut open a pomegranate
Step 2:
Cut off the top 1/2 inch or so.
(See the juice?!)

how to cut open a pomegranate step by step

Step 3:
Cut 5-6 evenly spaced shallow slits in the the peel.

how to cut open a pomegranate step

Step 4:
Place the pomegranate in water and gently unpeel it while separating the seeds from the rest of the fruit.

how to cut open a pomegranate step

Step 5:
Remove the large chunks of peel, and anything else that is not a seed. Some of the pith will float to the top, but some won't. Either way, you don't want to eat it, so get it out of there with your fingers or a spoon.

how to cut open a pomegranate step

Step 6:
Rinse in cool water. 

how to cut open a pomegranate step

And that's it! You're ready to eat it. 
My friend, Jenna, likes to crunch on the seeds. 
I DO NOT. I just swallow them whole. 
Ivy, on the other hand sucks them, then spits out the seeds. Typical 4 year old. 

how to cut open a pomegranate step

Below you can see the pomegranates in the tupperware on the far right...
This is how Ivy likes to eat breakfast. In a jazz table top.

4 year old girl doing dance tilt

Here's to a few more years of popularity for the pomegranate. 

how to cut open a pomegranate

Aloha, Rebecca

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  1. Great post and pomegranates were something I used to enjoy eating with my mom when I was a kid.....40 years ago. It seems like we used to get them around Christmas time and they stain your fingers but are good. Thanks for sharing.
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