Friday, April 5, 2013

Reality Show Friday

If my life were a reality show, (which it should be), today's episode would feature Ivy sitting on the recliner with me watching Shark Tale for the umpteenth time this week, me frantically editing 150 minutes of music for a work event tomorrow and trying to choreograph for ampersand dance company while not getting on my feet because I have Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. Yes, at almost 30 years old, I have the virus that mainly affects infants and children! I woke up with a black tongue and was scared to death until good old google told me pepto bismal gives you a black tongue. The Doctor told me to rinse with 1/2 pepto 1/2 liquid Benadryl to alleviate the sores in my mouth, thus the reason for my black tongue. Don't worry, it's only transmitted via saliva. Quote from the doctor, "Don't be making out with strangers." Not kidding.

TMI? Just keeping it real on this Friday morning. Maybe I'll actually have some home projects to post next month, or will give some great tips on teaching my 3 year old how to read (mommy guilt in full force). Until then, I'll be planning 3 dance shows for work (not reality shows for my life), and dodging the next attack on my immune system, which seems to happen way too frequently.

Oh wait, on Monday I made a "welcome baby gift" for my friend who had her baby 4 months ago... Just keepin' it real... Fo sho.

Ps- Ivy is currently leaping over our dog Godiva. Maybe I can use that in my choreography?


  1. Oh dear - get well soon. Love the bunting by the way!

  2. Thanks! Feeling better today, thank goodness!


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