Saturday, April 13, 2013

DIY Pin Cushion

I have had a million things to do since, oh, October, but last week I just felt like I needed to make something, no matter how big or small. I had purchased embroidery hoops a while back, but never had time to do anything with them. I really needed a pin cushion, and actually didn't even own one! I gathered the following:

-glue gun
-small embroidery hoop (4"?)
-scalloped fabric cut in a circle (about 8" diameter?)
-fleece fabric cut in a circle the same size of the embroidery hoop
-stuffing/fabric scraps

I took the embroidery hoop apart, put the scalloped fabric through the two hoops, closed it back up. i stuffed a bunch of stuffing/fabric scraps in the scalloped fabric. I glued the fleece circle to the back of it. And there you have it-- pau. 

 Pin cushions make sewing so much easier! All my pins were in a tiny plastic box with a flip lid. 
This project definitely gave me my creativity fix for the week. 

Love it!
Aloha, Becca

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