Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's in your purse?

It's been a crazy month. 

It started with Good Friday/Easter weekend: Kit and I both had violent food poisoning. I was out of commission for 5 days. 

Then came my birthday weekend: We stayed at a hotel for 2 nights which was awesome.

Next up was recital/dance concert weekend: As Assistant Dance Director, my job is to coordinate all the tiny details of these 3 shows. 3 different shows in 24 hours. It's THE BIGGEST WEEKEND OF THE YEAR at my job. I also danced in a piece in the second concert, after already working for 12 hours by that point getting the first concert rehearsed and done, and rehearsing the second concert.

Last was craft fair weekend: How could I say no to one of the biggest craft shows of the year on our little island? Who cares if it followed the Easter/food poisoning, birthday, and recital weekends? It had to be done! And it was sooooo fun. A great environment and really profitable. 

Soooooo…. through all of this, my purse became a lot of things. The bicycle bag you see below is not really even my normal purse. I think I probably used about 4 different bags this month before resorting to throwing everything in this $3.00 Forever 21 canvas tote. So, what exactly ended up in my purse after 4 crazy weekends?

what's in your purse organization clean

1. Receipts. Ace Hardware, Radio Shack & Starbucks. There's probably 20 more receipts in #9- my wallet. Who doesn't have receipts floating around in your purse. OCD Becca doesn't… but I haven't had time to be OCD. 

2. iPod. It's always in my purse because it's my #1 tool I use for work. Rarely do I listen to anything on there for pleasure, because I use it constantly for work. 

3. Sunglasses. I randomly have sunglasses all over the house and just grab the closest pair. I really like this pair. They're from the brand "Penguin" and I found them in my grandma's house the day of her memorial service 3 years ago.

4. Gift cards. Recital weekend is amazing in itself, but in the aftermath, I get to go through tons of thank you cards which often include some awesome gift cards! Here we have Gap, Safeway, Macy's and Jamba Juice. Again, there are probably 5 more gift cards in my wallet!. 

5. Check Book. My husband says I'm the only person left on the planet who writes checks. Not true. I bought this gorgeous orchid check book cover as soon as I graduated college, and I love it. Those are also 2 undeposited checks I've had floating in my purse for weeks, eek!! Reminder, craziest 4 weeks of the year. Don't judge. 

6. Planner. I write things in a planner, with a pen. Yes, I do. I can't do the whole plug it in my iPhone calendar yet. If I don't write it down, I don't remember it, and it won't happen or I won't show up. I love the size of this planner and the sleek black leather cover. The only thing problematic, the week starts on a Monday, not a Sunday. Drives me INSANE. I didn't realize it when I bought it. :( Other than that, it's perfection.

7. Gum. In a bag. I don't know why Trident even tries to sell this type of gum in humid Hawaii. It melts. I literally have to take it out of the cardboard package and put it in a plastic bag so that the sugary stickiness doesn't get all over my purse. I'm about ready to throw it away because getting it out of the wrapper is just as messy and cumbersome. C'mon Trident!

8. Hammer. And yes, it's floral print. I also have a matching screwdriver. I love them. I made Kit buy them for me as a Christmas present when we were visiting Arkansas last November. There could be a million reasons why it was in my purse (thrown in there with my sunglasses, iPod, iPhone…!) My guess was to hammer down something at the craft fair. 

9. Wallet. I love this Volcom wallet. It is a hard case with an aged leather cover and snaps completely closed so nothing falls out. 

10. Floss. In the midst of all this I had to go to the dentist and will be having 2 root canals. Thanks for the complimentary floss.

What's in your purse? After seeing the crazy contents of mine, I'm sure you'd have no problem revealing what's in yours. 
As exciting as it was, (especially the violent vomiting), I'm glad this crazy month is over and I can get back to having a super organized purse, free of hammers. 

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SPOILER ALERT: It came with a free bathing suit. 


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