Friday, December 20, 2013

FRIDAY 4 - My 4 favorite accounts to follow on Instagram this week

I love it when I see the name of these 4 accounts as I'm scrolling. 
You should go check 'em out!

@alohaexchange - New locally run shop on Kauai. Really fun beach stuff.

@rebeccabeach - We have the same name, how could I not love her? Great clothes.

@apprenticeextrovert - I'd like to say this is one of my few "across-the-world" blog "friends." We've never met, (she's in Australia) but I have such an affinity for her furniture projects, yet I also appreciate hearing about her personal endeavors. Her blog is full of cool furniture projects:

@cassie8978 - This is another one of those "we've-never-met-but-I-think-we'd-be-friends-in-real-life" blog "friends." I read her blog Primitive & Proper all the time for her awesome home tours, and mainly her furniture re-do's. 

And that's that! 

Aloha, Rebecca

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