Friday, December 13, 2013

Why I am afraid to post on Etsy and Pinterest - Along An Inland Sea

So, I've recently thought that foxes are just super cute. Not real ones, just the fake, red and white or brown or orange cute graphic ones. I've been pinning them, and "hearting" them on Etsy, but with slight hesitation. Here's why: it's almost a guarantee that my friend Cailin will research where it's from and buy it for me! It's a frequent occurrence. During Ivy's Elmo stage, she sent her hand painted elmo shoes. During the ladybug stage, we got a cute ladybug purse. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining... but here's what showed up in my mailbox this week:

Yes, those are fox print headbands! One for me, and one for Ivy. Of course I love them, but where she got them is even cooler. She got them from an Etsy shop called "Along An Inland Sea." The lady who runs it has a brother who curled with Cailin's uncle in the Winter Olympics a few years back. I LOVE random connections like that. And because of that, here in sunny Maui, I have some cute fox headbands.  

Isn't her logo adorable?! I want circular cards like that!

Check her out:

So, thank you Cailin, for being the awesome friend and for having the gift of "giving gifts."

Aloha, Rebecca

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