Saturday, March 1, 2014

Will you have me back?


I'm sorry I've neglected you. I have good reasons, I promise, and I'm going to tell you all about them over the next few days! It's gonna be exciting. The truth is, I've been on Facebook and Instagram like my life's depending on it and I'm trying to figure out that dang Google+ and Twitter.

In the meantime, I know you'd like a little love from me (aside from my Friday 4's, where I feature my Instagram favorites. You know me, I love to help promote other artists and bloggers!) 

So let's catch up! One day, these two things happened:

At Home

At Work:

It's funny how my home life and work life sometimes look so similar.

Speaking of work, my co-worker (ok, she's basically one of my best friends) asked me to "fix" this tear in her Billabong shorts. #Lacelove (I don't think I've ever used a hashtag on my blog before. I told you I've been trying to figure out Twitter!)

We sold our couch a while back, and I told Kit that we would not be getting a new one. Our living room would include a recliner, and my sewing center. After a little rearranging, my corner now looks like this:

Yes, that grey entertainment center used to be under our TV and was home to DVD's and speakers. But now it is full of sewing goodness. 

That shelf up above was in our bedroom, but I also cleared out our bedroom and streamlined the furniture in there (see the Wizard of Oz dresser here, and the Refurbished Antique dresser here), so it was relocated. I love it as it houses some of my branding items (tags, stamp, business cards, etc). 

And I love this photo of Ivy and I from Ajja Photography, so I put it up on the shelf, too. 

At first my computer was in the sewing area too, but I could only handle that so long until the sewing took over. So I created this little nook next to the Card Catalog. I love everything about it: the cane chair, my Mac, the coffee, my Rifle Paper Company weekly calendar, a permanent home for my external hard drive, a reliable stash of pens! I'll go more into detail about the black desk in another post, but I love that too. (Notice how suddenly all my furniture is going black?!)

So now, dear, this is home to where I will write to you. It's focused, it's clear, and I'm ready to return to you. Will you take me back?

With love,


  1. Love that you took a living room turned it into a space for really living! What no printing station?

    1. Don't you think the printer is the hardest piece of machinery to find a home for? It currently sits under my husband's computer. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Mmmmm sewing corner! I'm SO JEALOUS. (I have to move the furniture in my "shoebox" around every time I sew)

    Also those shorts are SO CUTE. So much so that I want to put a tear in one of my shorts, just so I can do that. Crazy!

    1. I got so tired of moving EVERYTHING every time I needed to sew… thankful my husband only needs a recliner :)
      go ahead, cut your shorts. i won't tell.

  3. Love the upside down insta photo! And the lace bunting!! Aloha!

    1. Haha, it was so funny! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I'm also jealous of your sewing corner! I am a big sewer, and would love to find everything in one spot! Years ago there was a show on HGTV called the Christopher Lowell show, he always said to use your homes rooms for what you need, not what the were built for. I have always followed this, my dinning room is our family room, it's the biggest room of the house. It's works and so does yours. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.


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