Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Help! I'm painting all my furniture black!

painting furniture black DIY deskOk, seriously, I'm painting everything black, and I can't stop… do I have a problem? My husband is thrilled, because he's been trying to get black into our home for years, much to my opposition. That was before I discovered Miss Mustard Seed's "typewriter" black. Yes, milk paint black. The perfect answer to the "farmhouse industrial" look I'm all about right now. I love it, and everything is being attacked with it. 
Let's recap:

painting furniture black DIY dresserpainting furniture black DIY dresser

First, these two dressers got covered in "typewriter": 
And I love them.

painting furniture black DIY wicker chair

And we can't forget about the Black Wicker Chair!

Well, before we talk any more about black, we need to talk about blue. When I moved home from college, I "redecorated" my room from high school, had my dad build me this desk, and my mom picked up this little table for me at a garage sale. I painted it all a deep blue. (They're actually the same color, like the desk on the right but the lighting was weird). 

painting furniture black DIY bluepainting furniture black DIY blue

 Well, they were being sacrificed to my world of black "typewriter." But not without depth...
painting furniture black DIY white wash

painting furniture black DIY white wash
I gave them a quick white wash with "shiloh" first.

Then I went over it with Miss Mustard Seed's Luckett's Green. I told you, I wanted depth.
painting furniture black DIY luckett's green miss mustard seed

painting furniture black DIY luckett's green miss mustard seedExcessive much? We can't just go straight black, we need layers, people!

And finally they ended up black, with a coat of hemp oil. Can't see the "layers" on the desk, but you can on the little table. 
painting furniture black DIY deskpainting furniture black DIY desk

I don't have a great picture of the little table, but here it is in my bedroom:
painting furniture black DIY coffee table

 After a few weeks, I felt like the desk needed to be more durable, so I cleared it off and gave  it a coat of Miss Mustard Seed's furniture wax. Perfection.
painting furniture black DIY hemp oil furniture oil

I feel super organized at my desk now. :) 
(I actually had another desk I was using, but my sewing stuff took over… see that post here.)
painting furniture black DIY desk home office organization
(the white cloth was on the desk for a bit because the hemp oil wasn't quite soaked in yet, and I REALLY wanted to bring it in the house, haha) 

So here's the recap of black furniture in my house:

painting furniture black DIY dresserpainting furniture black DIY dresser

painting furniture black DIY coffee tablepainting furniture black DIY desk

My other furniture better run and hide!

Aloha, Rebecca

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